Check How Many SIMs Registered with Your NID BD

How To Check NID SIM Registration Details

The world is now at hand with the touch of technology. As the days go by, the development of technology is being done. A few years ago, our phone SIMs did not require any registration. But nowadays, when we buy SIM, we have to register and then buy these SIMs.

Because now, with the development of current technology SIM card registration process has been introduced for security. For this, we have to register through our NID card.

Check Registered SIM With Your NID Card

The SIMs used in our phones are registered through the NID card, and our fingerprints are placed on them. Many want to know how many sims have been registered through their NID.

Many people do SIM registration but do not track how many SIMs they have registered. That’s why they want to know this matter later.

Of course, knowing this is necessary because it is impossible to register any other SIM with that NID after reaching a specific time for SIM registration. That’s why we should know precisely how many sims are registered with a NID card. Let’s find out from the discussion below.

How To Check NID SIM Registration Details

We can quickly know exactly how many sims are registered with a NID. But we can’t see it online because the online viewing system has not started yet. We can see it by just sending an SMS through the phone we have in hand.

We have discussed below you will need a mobile phone and some things to know. Let’s see how to check how many SIMs have been registered with a NID through mobile phone SMS.

NID SIM Registration Check via SMS

You can know precisely how many SIMs are registered with your NID from your mobile phone whenever you want. For that, you need to follow the below steps.

  • For the NID SIM registration check, you first need to enter the dial option of your phone.
  • After entering the dial option, type *16001#
  • After dialing it, another option will appear where you have to give a reply. In it, you enter the last four digits of your NID card. After entering the last four digits, click on the reply button. Then you are done.

After a while, a return SMS will inform you how many SIMs are registered with your NID card, and you can quickly check it.

However, it is necessary to mention that the rules for viewing NID registration from different mobile operators are different. Let’s see below from which mobile operator we can see NID SIM registration.

NID SIM Registration Check By Grameenphone

You can see the SIM Registration NID from Grameenphone in two ways. One of them is you go to your message option, type info, and send it to 4949.

Or you go to your message option and first type REG. After typing it, put a space in between. Thenenter your NID 17-digit number. Then send it to 4949. But if your NID is not 17 digits, you must follow the first procedure.

NID SIM Registration Check By Teletalk

You must first enter the message option to check your NID registration SIM from Teletalk mobile operator. Then write inFo. After typing it, you have to send it to the 1600 number. Then you will be informed through a return SMS.

NID SIM Registration Check By Robi, Banglalink, and Airtel

If you are using Robi, Banglalink, or Airtel SIM operator, then you need to enter your dial option and type *16001# and dial it.

Then a reply option will appear there; write the last 4 digits of your NID. Then click on the reply button. You will then be informed about your NID SIM registration details through a return SMS

How Many SIMs Can be Registered With One NID

This is a big question. Many people want to know precisely how many sims can be registered with one NID. Today’s article will specifically help you to know that information.

You can register 15 SIM cards with your one NID card. Once 15 sim card registration is done, you can never register a sim card again with this NID. However, if you cancel the registration of another SIM card in any process, you can register another one instead.

I hope from today’s discussion, you have understood exactly how many sims can be registered with one NID and how to view the total number of sims registered. I hope today’s discussion can help you to know these things. Stay connected to our website to get solutions to various NID-related problems. Thank you.