Teletalk SIM Price in 2024 – Teletalk SIM Price Update!

Teletalk SIM Price
Teletalk SIM Price

Teletealk SIM offers a range of exciting packages to your needs. For those looking for a cost-effective option, the Bornomala SIM is priced at only 100 Taka, but it is required to pass your SSC exams. If you want a Sagotom SIM, which is perfect for you, it costs just 150 Taka.

Teletalk SIM

Many good offers are available from this SIM for voice calls and SMS at low rates. Due to this, everyone is interested in using this 4G SIM. SIMs are sold at various operator shops.

The price of SIM is 150 TK. The SIM is sold for Tk 200 to Tk 150 in many places. Also, minutes, SMS, and MB are provided free. You will be registered for free at the time of purchasing the SIM.

Teletalk SIM Price

Teletalk SIM currently has five packages: Bornomala, Aparajita, Sagotom, Agami, etc. Package rate internet offer and minute call offer are different.

And if you want to take this package sim, you can take a package in this package part if you are subject to the conditions according to the package, then you can pay the price and price in which package on the go.

Teletalk Bornomala SIM Price

Teletalk Bornomala SIM costs 100 TK, but you must pass SSC in this case. Then, you can apply for Teletalk SIM according to SSC points and submit your mark sheet with an appreciation letter and necessary documents to get Teletalk Bornomala SIM.

The Bornomala package is a little less useful than Teletalk’s next package, but compared to other services, the Teletalk Bornomala package has better facilities.

Teletalk Oporajita SIM Price

Teletalk Aparajita SIM price is 100 TK, but this package is launched only for women. In this case, if someone wants to be an artist, then SIM registration should be done by a female customer. Only Teletalk Aparajita SIM can be available for 100 TK only.

Like other Teletalk packages, Teletalk Aparajita has various facilities, including internet offers and call rates.

Teletalk Agami SIM Price

Teletalk Agami SIM is completely free, but in this case, you need to have A+ in SSC. If you have an A+ in SSC, you will get the Agami SIM completely free.

The facilities of the Agami package are internet offers, and the minute call rate is very low compared to the sim of other packages in Teletalk. So, this SIM is free only for those who get an A+ in the SSC exam.

Teletalk Sagotom SIM Price

Teletalk Sagotom SIM price is 150 TK. Among the Teletalk SIM packages, the Sagotom package offers various benefits.

However, in this case, you will not get any benefits like Teletalk Sagotom SIM and Bornomala SIM, but in this case. You will get all those benefits, but the price may be a little higher in the offers.

Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM Price

Mujib Centenary Commemoration Launched Teletalk Package. And the price of this Teletalk centenary package is 100 TK. After recharging 100 TK, you will get this Teletalk Sotoborsho SIM.

Like other packages, this package has some special offers according to which you can use internet minute calls and other things, and you will get 100 GB of internet.

Teletalk SIM Facility

Teletalk operator is designed to serve people. The lowest call rates and internet offers are constantly being provided. Apart from this, various free deposits have made it easier to transfer money through mobile accounts and at a very low cost.

The application fee for public examination result re-verification can be done through this SIM only, which is not admissible in any other SIM.

At present, applications for mobile admission can be made using Teletalk SIM. But cannot apply through any other SIM.

Where Can You Get Teletalk SIM?

Teletalk is a government servicing operator. Due to this, you can buy this SIM very easily. There are sales centers of this SIM in all districts of Bangladesh.

Customer care has been formed to serve the customers. You can get the SIMs at all the SIM shops near you. In addition, many times, SIMs are sold through public promotion; you can buy from there.


  • What is Teletalk?

Ans: Teletalk is a government-owned telecommunications operator in Bangladesh. It provides mobile services, including voice calls, SMS, and internet access, to the people of Bangladesh.

  • What are the Teletalk SIM packages available?

Ans: Teletalk offers various SIM packages, including Bornomala, Aparajita, Sagotom, Agami, and Sotoborsho. Each package has its features, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

  • How do I obtain a Teletalk SIM card?

Ans: Teletalk SIM cards can be obtained from Teletalk sales centers, customer care outlets, and SIM shops throughout Bangladesh. They are also sometimes distributed through public promotions.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the Teletalk Bornomala SIM?

Ans: To obtain a Bornomala SIM, you must have passed your SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination and provide relevant documents such as your mark sheet and an appreciation letter.

  • Is Teletalk SIM more affordable than other operators in Bangladesh?

Ans: Teletalk is known for offering competitive call rates and internet packages. It can be more affordable for certain users, depending on their usage patterns and package selection.

Final Thoughts

Teletalk SIM offers a diverse range of packages to its users. From the affordable Bornomala SIM, requiring successful SSC examination completion, to the versatile Sagotom SIM at a reasonable price, Teletalk strives to provide cost-effective solutions for voice calls and SMS alongside various internet offers.

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