Peoplesoft HR Employee Self Service Details

Peoplesoft HR Employee Self Service
Peoplesoft HR Employee Self Service

PeopleSoft HR Employee Self-Service is a user-friendly web-based application that allows employees to take charge of their personal HR-related information and perform various self-service tasks online.

Employees can access and manage their own information conveniently from the comfort of their homes.

What is PeopleSoft HR Employee Self-Service

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service is a web-based application or portal that allows employees of an organization to access and manage their personal HR-related information and perform various self-service tasks online.

It is part of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management software type, introduced to streamline and automate human resources and workforce management processes.

HR Employee Self-Service Navigation

The HR Employee Self-Service Home Page is your main entry point to access all the functions available in PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service.

On this page, you will see PeopleSoft HCM Tiles, like shortcuts that provide easy access to different services.

Here are provided some important features that you can access directly from the home page:

  • Personal Details: You can update your contact information and emergency contact details.
  • Payroll: This section lets you view your paychecks, access tax-related information, and check other payroll-related details.
  • Benefits: Here, you can review your current employee benefits, make changes when open enrollment periods are active, and perform other related tasks.

One of the significant advantages of PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service is the convenience of accessing it from your home. This means you can manage your personal information without being physically present at your workplace.

How to Use PeopleSoft HR Employee Self-Service

Using PeopleSoft HR Employee Self-Service is easy once you know the basics. Here are some important steps you can follow to use the service best.

  • Viewing Paychecks in PeopleSoft: Go to the Payroll tile on the home page to check your pay information. From there, you can see your current and previous paychecks, download pay stubs, and perform other related tasks.
  • Accessing the Employee Self-Service Portal: Log in using your provided requirements to get started. If it’s your first time accessing the portal, you might need to set up your account with assistance from your PeopleSoft System Administrator.

If you require assistance or have questions, refer to PeopleSoft’s help sheets and interactive training videos. These resources are available to guide you through the various features and functions of the service.

Recommendations for Using PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service

To maximize your experience with PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service, consider these recommendations and best practices for the best use of it.

1. Get to Know the Interface

Take some time to explore the Employee Self-Service Home Page and the various tiles it offers. Familiarity with the layout will save you time when using the system.

2. Regularly Update Your Information

Ensure your personal information, emergency contacts, and other details are updated. This ensures that your employer has accurate and current information on file.

3. Review Payroll Details

Periodically check your paychecks and tax-related information to verify their accuracy. If you spot any discrepancies, report them to your HR department.

4. Utilize Available Resources

If you encounter any uncertainties while using a particular feature, consult the PeopleSoft help sheets and interactive training videos.

5. Secure Your Account

Always log out of the Employee Self-Service Portal when using a public computer. This step helps safeguard your personal information and privacy.

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service Facilities

The facility of Employee Self Service provides employees with an online platform or portal where they can access and manage various aspects of their employment and personal information. Here are some of the key facilities or features offered through Employee Self Service:

  • Employees can update and maintain their details, such as contact information, emergency contacts, and marital status.
  • Access to pay-related information, including pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposit setup. Employees can also view their earnings history.
  • Access performance appraisals, review supervisor feedback, and set goals or development plans.
  • Browse training opportunities, enroll in courses, and track progress in professional development activities.
  • Submit and track business expenses, including travel expenses, for reimbursement.
  • Retrieve and download HR-related documents, such as employee handbooks, tax forms, and benefit summaries.

Payroll and Compensation

PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service allows employees to access and manage their paycheck and payroll tax information through the Pulse portal. Here are the available options:


  • View your paycheck, which includes details on earnings, tax withholdings, and deduction withholdings, as well as leave balances.
  • Paycheck information is accessible on the Tuesday before the scheduled payday on Thursday.
  • View your direct deposit advice, including earnings, tax withholdings, deduction withholdings, and leave balances.
  • You can sign up for direct deposit to reduce paper usage and contribute to environmental conservation. This means you won’t receive printed pay advice.


  • Review and update your W-4 tax withholdings to ensure accurate tax deductions.
  • Request a copy of your W-2, which is important for tax filing purposes.


  • What is PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service?

Ans: PeopleSoft ESS is a web-based portal that allows employees to access and manage their personal HR-related information, such as paychecks, benefits, and contact details, online.

  • How do I access PeopleSoft?

Ans: You can access PeopleSoft ESS by logging in through your company’s intranet or a dedicated portal provided by your organization.

  • Can I access PeopleSoft ESS from home?

Ans: Many organizations offer the flexibility to access PeopleSoft ESS from outside the workplace so that you can manage your HR-related tasks from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

  • How often are paychecks and tax information updated in PeopleSoft ESS?

Ans: Paycheck and tax information is available for viewing a few days before the scheduled payday. The exact timing may vary by organization.

  • Can I change my direct deposit information through PeopleSoft?

Ans: You can set up or update your direct deposit information through the portal. This is a convenient way to manage how you receive your salary.

  • Is PeopleSoft ESS available on mobile devices?

Ans: Many PeopleSoft portals are designed to be mobile-responsive so that employees access and use the service on smartphones and tablets for added convenience.


PeopleSoft Employee Self-Service is a valuable tool that allows employees to control their personal information, benefits, and payroll details. Security is a top priority, so remember to log out when you’ve finished using the portal.

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