How To Recharge Titas Gas Prepaid Card In 2024?

Recharge Titas Gas Prepaid Card

Recharge Titas Gas prepaid card quickly on your own now. Titas is one of the leading gas companies in Bangladesh. Most of the people of Bangladesh use Titas gas. But many people don’t know how to recharge Titas prepaid meter. This process should be known to all who use gas from Titas prepaid meter.

Because many times we have to face this problem when we run out of gas. If we don’t know how to recharge, we face various problems.

Today I am here to give the right solution to this problem. Follow the article below carefully to learn how to recharge Titas’ prepaid meter using the card and how to get emergency gas.

Recharge Titas Gas Prepaid Meter Easily

When the meter runs out of gas, recharge according to your capacity from the specified recharge point on your prepaid meter card, but you can recharge up to a minimum of TK 300. After recharging, your task will be to recharge the meter. There are two methods of recharging the Titas meter.

The first is how to recharge when the meter is open, and the second is how to recharge when the meter is closed. Usually, the meter will close when the gas is completely exhausted, and the meter will remain open even if there is a small amount of gas. So let’s start with how to recharge in both cases.

Recharge Process While the Meter is Open

There are certain procedures you must follow when your meter is open. While recharging, you will notice that your meter has two buttons. One is the A button, and the other is the B button. These two buttons have different functions. When you recharge the meter, press the B button twice for more than one second.

The first time you hold it for more than one second, it will show ‘Out,’ and the second time you hold it for more than one second, your meter will show ‘IN.’ That’s when your work begins.

You will find a place under your meter to keep your meter card. Hold your card there as soon as it shows ‘In’. But do not delay. Hold your card until it shows ‘End‘. When your meter shows End, then your meter will be recharged.

So place your card at the designated place on your meter. After a while, you will see that the recharge of your meter is complete, and according to the recharge, a certain amount of cubic meters of gas has been transferred to your meter.

Recharge process while the Meter is Off

Now let’s learn the second method. The second method means how you recharge the meter when your meter is closed.

You have to do the same thing when you press the A button twice for more than one second while the meter is open, which means holding down the A button for more than one second.

Then you will see that the ‘IN’ will show on the meter. As the IN shows, you place your card in the meter’s designated place. After a while, your meter will be recharged.

However, your meter may not turn on even after being recharged. Because once the meter is turned off, it needs to be restarted separately. If the ‘open’ text does not appear and your meter still shows ‘close’, then you need to open the meter.

Process for Opening a Closed Meter

If the close text remains, then your meter is closed. You need to hold the B button for more than 5 seconds to open the closed meter. After more than 5 seconds, your meter will open automatically and show the text ‘open.’ This means your meter has turned on, and gas is already flowing to your stove.

Titas Gas Meter Emergency Gas Taking Method

Many times we are in a situation where we run out of gas but don’t have a situation to recharge. At this time, it became necessary for us to take emergency gas. Then we have to take a certain amount of gas emergency. Many people do not know how to take emergency gas. So let’s get to the details.

When the meter runs out of gas, to take an emergency, you first need to press and hold the A button until you see the text ‘EC.’ While holding down, when the text ‘EC’ appears, you need to release the B Button and press the A Button immediately.

Then the meter will open, and a Minus () will show. Now you can use your gas, but you can use up to 9 cubic meters of emergency gas. Your meter will turn off when you run out of 9 cubic meters of gas.

So this is today’s discussion. I hope you benefited from today’s article. If you want, you can share the article with your acquaintances so they know about this topic. You can visit our website to get solutions to such online-based problems. Thank you.