RJSC – Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms in Bangladesh

Registrar Joint Stock Company formation in Bangladesh
Registrar Joint Stock Company formation in Bangladesh

The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is a government agency in Bangladesh under the Ministry of Commerce. RJSC regulates the registration, regulation, and administration of companies and firms operating in Bangladesh.

RJSC maintains a database of all registered companies and organizations in Bangladesh, which includes RJSC’s financial statements, annual reports, and other relevant information. RJSC approves the registration of new companies, issues certificates of incorporation, and ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Enforcement of Company Laws and Regulations

Bangladesh’s Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) operates under various laws and regulations. The laws govern the functions and responsibilities of the RJSC.

These laws and regulations provide legal guidance for registering, regulating, and administrating companies and firms operating in Bangladesh. The laws are-

Company Act of 1994 regulates the preparation and publication of financial statements and other reports by companies and organizations in Bangladesh. It prescribes financial reporting requirements, including format, content, and timing of financial reporting.

The Companies Act of 1994 ensures the legal framework for the incorporation, management, and regulation of companies in Bangladesh. This act maintains the procedure for registering a company, the rights and responsibilities of directors and shareholders, and the procedure for winding up a company.

Documents Required for Company Registration BD

To register a new company in Bangladesh, you must provide several documents and information to the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). The documents required for company registration in Bangladesh are listed below.

  • Particulars of Chairman.
  • Company name clearance.
  • Identification of Directors name, parent’s name, passport, email ID, mobile number
  • NID and TIN (in Bangladesh).
  • Photo of all shareholders.
  • Certificate of incorporation.
  • Company Address.

You may have to provide Other information such as a business plan, proof of registered office address, and personal information of company directors and shareholders along with necessary documents. You have to provide all the documents and information correctly to avoid any problems in the registration process.

RJSC Registration Fee in Bangladesh

The company fee depends on the authorized capital of the company. The fee will be reduced if the authorized capital is more and the authorized capital is less.

Apart from government fees, there are other expenses Like Consultancy fees, Office Fee Documentation Fees, etc. Below is the list of fees for registration of RJSC based on authorized share capital.

  • For authorized share capital up to 1,00,000 BDT: 6,200 BDT.
  • For authorized share capital above 1,00,000 to 5,00,000 BDT – 9,800 BDT.
  • For authorized share capital above 5,00,000 to 20,00,000 BDT – 16,200 BDT.
  • For authorized share capital above 20,00,000 to 50,00,000 BDT – 29,000 BDT.
  • For authorized share capital above 50,00,000 to 1,00,00,000 BDT – 48,600 BDT.
  • For authorized share capital above 1,00,00,000 BDT –  65,200 BDT.

RJSC registration fee is determined based on various factors, so you should check the current fee structure before registration. There may also be additional charges for services such as name clearance, stamp duty, and legal fees. These charges vary depending on the nature and complexity of the registration process.

Joint Stock Company Name Clearance

Research your jurisdiction’s naming requirements and restrictions to get a company name clearance. Some jurisdictions may have specific rules about using certain words or phrases in company names.

Now you can search the government database of registered company names to see if your proposed name is already taken or too similar to an existing name. You can do it online through the website of the relevant government agency.

If your proposed name passes the preliminary search, you can then apply to register the name with the government agency for company registration. You may have to provide some relevant information about your company and its shareholders and may also require payment of a fee.

Joint Stock Company Names List in Bangladesh

There are numerous joint stock companies in Bangladesh, and it would be difficult to provide a large list of their names. So, here is the list of some popular joint stock companies in Bangladesh-

  • Grameenphone Limited.
  • Robi Axiata Limited.
  • British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Limited.
  • ACI Limited.
  • Square Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  • United Commercial Bank Limited.
  • Eastern Bank Limited.
  • Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited.
  • BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals Limited.
  • Summit Power Limited.

Duties and Responsibilities of Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms

The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) is the only agency that facilitates company formation and tracks all ownership matters as per the laws of Bangladesh. The following companies conduct their activities under RJSC.

  • Private company.
  • Public Company.
  • Foreign companies.
  • Trade company society, and
  • Partnership Firms.

Again, The specific duties and responsibilities of the RJSCF generally include the following-

  1. We are registering new companies and firms.
  2. We are maintaining records.
  3. We are ensuring compliance.
  4. Resolving disputes and,
  5. Providing guidance and support etc.

Last Words

In conclusion, joint stock companies promote economic growth by facilitating investment and job creation. The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms is responsible for regulating and overseeing these companies and ensuring they comply with legal requirements.

By performing these responsibilities, the RJSCF helps to create a fair and transparent business environment that supports the growth of joint stock companies and contributes to the country’s overall economic development.