E Porcha Gov BD Khatian- Get Online Copy of Khatian

E Porcha Gov BD Khatian
E Porcha Gov BD Khatian

Khatian contains information about a specific plot of land and is assigned a unique number for individual identification purposes. This allows Khatians to be easily identified by their respective numbers.

Typically, all plots of land owned by an individual within a specific Mauza are consolidated under the same Khatian. The Khatian number is primarily used to identify the landowner Easily.

E Porcha Khatian BD

The e-Porcha Khatian is the primary highlight of the e-Percha digital service that enables citizens of Bangladesh to obtain their Khatian from their homes. There are four types of Khatian in Bangladesh, and all of them can be obtained through the e-Porcha gov bd.

CS Khatian

CS Khatian contains detailed information about the ownership, area, boundaries, and other relevant details of a particular plot of land. The CS Khatian is used for various administrative and legal purposes, like,

  • Land registration.
  • Land use planning.
  • Property valuation.
  • Land dispute resolution, etc.

SA Khatian

SA Khatian is used for assessing land revenue, which is the tax landowners must pay the government. SA Khatian is an essential document for landowners in Bangladesh, as it provides crucial information about land revenue and is required for various land-related administrative and legal processes.

BS Khatian

A land document utilized within the urban areas of Bangladesh is known as the City Survey Khatian. It contains detailed information and other relevant details of a particular plot of land within a city or town.

BS Khatian determines the appropriate use of land within a city or town, such as residential, commercial, or industrial.

Eporcha Gov BD Search Khatian

Through Eporcha gov bd, it is possible to easily get Khatian at home by following a few steps. For this, first, you need to enter the portal of Eporcha gov bd and log in. Then –

  • You have to select your division.
  • Select the type of Khatian you want to generate.
  • Select the Upazila you belong to.
  • Select the name of your Mouza.
  • Insert the Dag number of your land (if you have one).
  • Mention the Proprietorship Name if you have any. It could be the Name of your Father or Husband.
  • Type the captcha code mentioned in the blank space.
Eporcha Gov BD Search Khatian
“Eporcha Gov BD Search Khatian”

Finally, after filling in the above information, click the search option. If all the provided information is correct, then you will get your Khatian.

E Porcha Khatian Land Ownership Verification

You can verify the ownership of the land very quickly if you have the dag number Khatian number. For this, you need to verify the ownership of the land by the Ministry of Lands of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh on the website eporcha.gov.bd.

First, you must select the division where the land is located in case of land ownership verification. After selecting division, select your upazila. After that, you have to select Mauza number and Dag no.

After entering Khatian and the dag number, the name of the land owner and its father’s name should be mentioned. Finally, fill in a captcha code and click on the search button to get the complete details of your land.

How To Get Khatian From Land Mark Number

A unique number is given against each Khatian to select each Khatian individually. As a result, it is possible to get the Khatian very easily using the Khatian number. We know that usually, in a Mauza, all the plots of land owned by the same owner are combined and recorded in a Khatian.

You can get your Khatian online even if you only know the landmark number. For this, you can get online Khatian by remembering the below steps.

  • Login to eporcha.gov.bd.
  • Now, Select your division, district, area, and Mouza.
  • Select the type of Khatian you want to get, such as RS Khatian.
  • Enter your Khatian number and dag number.
  • Type the captcha code mentioned in the blank space.
  • Finally, if all the information above is correct, click the search button to get your Khatian.

How to get an Online Copy of Khatian

By obtaining an online copy of Khatian, you can perform practical tasks such as verifying land ownership. While a certified copy of the certificate is essential for legal procedures, you no longer have to visit the district record room to access either document physically.

This eliminates the risk of being harassed or losing money through brokers. Moreover, you can now easily conduct land surveys using your smartphone without requiring assistance from anyone. Find all relevant details in this E Porcha Gov BD Online article to get an online copy of Khatian.


the e-Porcha Gov BD website provides a convenient and efficient way to access Khatian information online.

Users can obtain essential information such as land measurement and ownership details by logging in and searching for the Khatian by Dag or Plot number. The website also enables users to conduct land surveys using their smartphones without assistance.

However, it is important to note that a certified copy of the Khatian certificate is required for legal proceedings. Overall, e-Porcha Gov BD’s Khatian service streamlines the process of land record access in Bangladesh and provides a valuable resource to citizens.