GTV live TV: Watch GTV Live Sports 2024

GTV live TV

Besides T Sports, GTV live tv is the foremost sports channel in Bangladesh. This website offers access to every cricket match played in Bangladesh. Here you may watch every cricket match played in our country.

It’s a tremendous chance for people who don’t have time to watch Gazi Television at home. Yet, if they have an internet connection, they may watch their favorite shows on a mobile device or a PC when they have free time outside work hours or inside.

In Bangladesh is, GTV Live Sports a well-liked sports streaming service. With the help of GTV Live Sports, you can enjoy different kinds of sports like cricket, football, tennis, etc. The best part about GTV Sports is that it provides live streaming of sports for free.

How to Access Watch GTV Live Sports

Anyone can use the Rabbitholebd app to view the Gazi tv live sports events because it has access to the Gazi Tv Live channel. We have provided you with all the information you need on this website. As a result, after perusing the information we’ve provided, you can use your mobile device to watch Gazi Tv live.

Here, a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for Watch GTV Live sports is provided for your convenience. You should know some fundamental tips and techniques to watch the T20 Live Cricket matches on Gtv Live. It can only be used with an IP TV gateway to start.

  • Press the action button that is provided below to go to the home screen of the Gtv live IP tv server. Many users attempt to use a third-party broadband link incompatible with the BDIX connection to call the action button. Verify that BDIX supports your link before pressing the button.
  • On YouTube, you can watch the GTV live TV program, where you can find the links to the video’s initial official YouTube channels. The official channel is GTV Live.
  • You can watch Gazi Television on your TV if you have a dish cable link at home. You can also access the Gazi television online TV program through the live TV server. There are two methods that a user can use to accomplish this, first, through a live TV server’s source or by using third-party TV applications.
  • People can use Rabbitholebd live applications to watch Gazi Tv live. With a wide variety of facilities, Rabbitholebd has offered several services. Mostly. It gained notoriety among the public because it offered live services.

GTV Live-stream Process Using Rabbitholebd

Follow the below steps to  Live-stream GTV using the Rabbitholebd.

1. Launch the Android Play Store.
2. Type the name (Rabbitholebd)
3. After downloading, click “Install.”
4. Register with a mobile number or email address, then enjoy your desired items.

Overview  of Watch GTV Live Sports

One of the most well-known entertainment television channels, GTV Live, broadcasts live cricket and football events.

Gazi Tv Live is another name for Gtv Live. These days, this television station has greatly increased its popularity by streaming live cricket matches. You can watch different kinds of cricket matches on this single television channel.

Gtv Live Sports
“Gtv Live Sports”

However, the Live GTV Live channel has the exclusive right to broadcast all live cricket matches online. The GTV Live tv channel broadcasts various television shows, including live sports, news, movies, Natoks, and discussion shows.

Indeed, it primarily attained this level of fame for live-streaming cricket. Because of this, nobody looks away from their television during any odd cricket match event.

Particularly when you want to watch the GTV live TV station online but don’t know how to get to it on your computer or mobile device. You can find all the information you need to watch GTV live TV streaming here. Consequently, let’s get begun right away.

GTV Live the channel provides a broad range of programming, such as talk shows, dramas, movies, cricket, and more. Nowadays, the most watched sports on Gazi TV in Bangladesh are cricket, football, and numerous T20 premier competitions.

As a platform, GTV Live is different from others in a good way to attract audiences, for example:

  1. Live Streaming: Gazi TV Live may be an option for those who spend time at the workplace or out in the field for work during cricket matches and many more.
  2. Multiple Channels: A wide range of channels are provided to entertain, keeping various programs for the audiences.
  3. Compatibility & User-Friendly Interface: User-friendly interface for a smooth experience, and the platform has compatibility with multiple devices.
  4. High-Quality Video: It provides content with high-quality resolution and sound quality.

GTV Live Sports User Experience

Here is some pros and cons of GTV live sports according to the user experience.


  1. Able to view various sports events worldwide, including the important ones.
  2. It allows you to navigate easily and access quickly to the available channels.
  3. You can enjoy the show with less buffering and with high quality.
  4. Update scores, stats, and highlights keeping the users informed.


  1. There might be a little lagging, but the chances are very low (other than poor net connection)
  2. The platform doesn’t cover all sorts of sports events.
  3. It would be best to have a stable network to view it smoothly.
  4. The app provides advertisements that interrupt the viewing experience.

Benefits of Watching GTV Live Sports

For getting a real experience and enjoying the sports peacefully without any interruption, GTV Live Sports is the best option. Some of the benefits of watching GTV Live Sports are discussed below:

  • Experience: Watching GTV Live Sports provides us with a real sports experience. As a result, the viewers become more excited and enjoy the sports.
  • Convenience: With the help of GTV Live Sports, viewers can get real enjoyment by sitting in their homes or any other convenient place.
  • Diversity: GTV Live Sports allows people who love sports to enjoy different sports on one platform.
  • Learning: As GTV Live Sports allows us to watch various sports, we can easily learn about the rules of different games by watching different types of sports.

FAQ About GTV Live Sports

Q1.What kind of sports can we enjoy through GTV Live Sports?

Not only cricket and football, but we can also enjoy tennis, hockey, badminton, etc., through GTV Live Sports.

Q2.Is it possible to see live spots using GTV from outside the country? 

Yes, it is possible to see live sports using GTV from outside the country. People can enjoy live sports by staying anywhere in the world. The only mandatory thing they need is a stable internet connection.

Q3. Is GTV Live Sports available in HD?

Yes, GTV Live sports are available in HD.GTV Live Sports gives a realistic feel, like you enjoy sports from the field with the good video quality.

Q4.Is it possible to enjoy GTV Live Sports 24/7?

Yes, it is possible to see GTV Live Sports 24/7 without interruption. Anyone can see live anywhere around the world with a good quality internet connection.

Q5.Can I contact GTV Live Sports customer service if I face any problems?

They provide great support to their customers. That provides their service from 9 am to 12 pm. During this time, anyone having any issues can call their hotline and get their desired help.


GTV Live Sports has created a great way for us to enjoy live sports from our convenient place. It’s full of entertainment and provides excellent features. Now sports lovers can easily enjoy different sports live with their family and friends.

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