How To Open Nagad Merchant Account In 2024

Open Nagad Merchant Account

Nagad is a digital financial service of the Bangladesh Postal Department. The Nagad service was launched in Bangladesh in 2019. It is now accepted as the best banking sector in Bangladesh. Cash has increased the quality of its services compared to other mobile banking sectors considering the customers.

Currently, the country’s lowest cash-out charge is just tk 9.99 (per thousand). Today you will know more about how to open a Nagad Merchant account. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

What is a Nagad Merchant Account?

We all know that Nagad is the digital economic service of the Postal Department of Bangladesh. And as a service, we get a lot of account management from Nagad. There are three types of Nagad accounts.

One is a personal account, the other is a Nagad entrepreneur or agent account, and the other is a Nagad merchant account. That is, a Nagad merchant account is a part of Nagad, which is created for customers or traders. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

Opening A Nagad Merchant Account

All customers can enjoy the benefits of a Nagad merchant account. And it is so simple that a person can open a Nagad merchant account at home. So at this stage, we will discuss more details of the Nagad merchant account opening.

If you read today’s article, you can easily open your own Nagad merchant account at home. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

Required Documents for Nagad Merchant Account

You will need the following documents for opening a Nagad Merchant Account, such as:

  • Voter ID card or smart card/driving license or passport
  • A mobile number
  •  Seal or license of your shop
  • Two copies of passport-size photograph

Nagad Merchant Account

Opening a Nagad merchant account is very easy. You can open a Nagad merchant account by following just a few steps. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

First, to open a Nagad merchant account, you must open your account in Nagad. You must visit the Play Store and download the Nagad mobile app.

Secondly, after opening a Bkash personal account is completed, you will be advised a page titled Other Documents in the middle. There will be two options.

  • Nagad General Account
  • Nagad Merchant Account

So at this stage, you must click to create a Nagad merchant account as you are here to create a Nagad Merchant account.

Thirdly, after going to the option, you must take a clear photo of the updated trade license or other documents and upload them. Otherwise, you can not open a Nagad merchant account.

The rules of opening a Nagad Merchant are as same as a Nagad personal account or general account. All you have to do is select the prospective option you want to open, nagad personal account, Nagad entrepreneur account, or Nagad merchant account.

Benefits of Nagad Merchant Account

Nagad offers a variety of accounts for their customers, and the Nagad merchant account is one of them. Different businesses can enjoy the most benefits because the Nagad merchant account provides customers several benefits. Because of the Nagad merchant account in different businesses, it is much easier to transact with customers, so the business and the customer can be controlled very well.

Due to the convenience of payment through banking in the business organization, the buyers’ interest increases, and smart management attracts the buyers a lot.

Large transactions are often required for hospitals or other purposes. Moreover, sometimes it is impossible to send money from one place to another quickly. Due to this Nagad merchant account, people can pay money quickly at their convenience. As a result, work gets completed on time, time gets saved, and suffering becomes less.

Currently, there is more inclination towards online shops. And this online shop Nagad merchant account gets full benefits. As a result, people can easily pay their prices through a Nagad merchant account if they shop online. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

In a word, just as a customer or customer benefits from a Nagad merchant account, that organization or businessman also benefits. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

Is It Possible To Close a Nagad Merchant Account?

If you want, you can close any Nagad Merchant Account, even after creating it. You need to know how to close the Nagad Merchant account. So if you ever feel like closing a Nagad merchant account, call 16167 or 09609616167. After making a call, choose to talk to a customer representative option.

Next, provide the application form to close the Nagad merchant account by giving specific reasons. That’s all. If the Nagad authority receives your application, they will take responsibility and complete the task. How to open a Nagad Merchant Account?

Last Words

In this post, you have clearly understood how to open a Merchant account in Nagad, the procedures, and the required documents, so if you want to open a Nagad Merchant, you can easily open one.

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