How To Open bKash Agent Account?

Open bKash Agent Account

BKash is the most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. Lots of money are transacted through Bkash agents every day. Agents are also making a lot of money and becoming self-independent.

So many people want to develop a Bkash agent business. Let’s know how to open a Bkash agent account. Before knowing how to open a bKash agent account, knowing more about BKash Agent is important.

We all see so many agents in our area. Let’s know how they do the Bkash agent business, their profits or commissions, and how much money it takes to get started.

Bkash Agent Business 2024

Many people are making a good living by doing the Bkash agent business. Many have become self-sufficient. But don’t think it is easy; you must be strategic to run a successful Bkash agent business. You can also earn a lot by doing good transactions.

A BKash agent receives a commission to cash in and out and opens the customer’s personal bKash account. This commission is the profit of the bKash agent business.

How to Become a Bkash Agent?

To become a BKash agent, firstly, you must have the necessary documents and fulfill all the conditions. Express your interest in becoming an agent by contacting the BKash Sales Representative/bKash Distributor’s Office with the required documents.

You can also send a request to open a bKash agent account online from the BKash website. You will be taken to the next step by calling to verify your request.

Bkash Agent Commission

The Bkash agent commission can vary. For example, the Bkash app agent’s commission differs from the Bkash USSD code dialing commission.

Commission from the Bkash app 4.30 tk (per thousand)
Commission from Bkash USSD Code 4.10 tk (per thousand)

How Much Does it Cost to Become a BKash Agent?

Most entrepreneurs have a question, how much does it cost to become a BKash agent? It doesn’t take any money to be a Bkash agent. All you need is some documents and your pictures.

Those documents and photographs will have to be submitted to the BKash office. They have some formalities or rules. By following these, You will be made a Bkash agent accordingly.

You don’t have to pay them any money for that. Yes, but when you open a BKash agent account, in the first case, you have to load 1 lakh taka from them into your account. With that money, you can later make transactions in a personal account.

However, this limit may be lower for rural areas. You can also recharge 20-50 thousand taka.

However, you can cash the money if you make a transaction within a few days. Moreover, there will be no other expenses if you already have a Bkash agent business.

To do Bkash agent business in rural areas, keeping a balance of 20-50 thousand taka in the BKash agent account is necessary. And if you want to do business in the district town or town, you should always keep a balance of Rs 1 to 3 lakh.

Conditions for Becoming a Bkash Agent

You must always follow certain conditions to become a Bkash agent. Before opening a BKash agent account, consider whether you can comply with these conditions in the future or not.

The conditions of the BKash agent account are:

  • You must recharge 1 lakh Taka in the Bkash agent account for the first time.
  • At least 5 bBKash personal accounts should be opened every month.
  • A minimum balance of Tk 7,000 should be kept in the Bkash agent account.
  • You have to transact at least TK. 2,000 per day.

How to Open a Bkash Agent Account?

To open a Bkash agent account, Contact the BKash sales representative or bKash distributor office in your area with a copy of your business entity’s trade license, tin certificate, national identity card, and photo to open a BKash agent account. Or, you can send a request to open a BKash agent account online.

There are 3 ways to open a BKash agent account,

  • BKash, through the sales representative.
  • Go directly to the BKash distributor office in your area.
  • Applying online.

Rules for Opening BKash Agent Account Through a BKash Representative

If you have the qualifications and conditions to become a BKash Agent, you request the BKash Sales Representative with the necessary documents.

He will submit your documents to the concerned BKash distributor office and provide all assistance in registering the BKash account.

BKash Distributor Office

If you do not get the BKash representative, request to open the Bkash agent account by submitting your necessary documents directly to the BKash Distributor Office.

They will verify your documents and complete your BKash agent registration if they think giving you a Bkash agent account is appropriate. In addition, you will be called for further processing or training.

Rules for Opening a BKash Agent Account Online

You can apply by filling out a form to open a BKash agent account online.

Rules for Opening a BKash Agent Account Online
“Rules for Opening a BKash Agent Account Online”

Follow the steps below to apply to open a BKash agent account online.

  • Visit and Request to open a BKash agent account and fill in all the information in English by clicking on the Bkash agent tab.
  • Write your name in English according to the National Identity Card.
  • Enter the business’s trade license number and your contact phone number.
  • Enter the name and address of your business according to the trade license.
  • Enter the organization’s active email address. If you don’t have an address, open a new Gmail ID.
  • Finally, fill in the captcha and click on the submit button.

They will contact you to verify your application within a few days. Then your application will be sent to the BKash distributor’s office. You must submit all the documents directly to the BKash Distributor’s Office.

If they are satisfied with verifying all your information or think giving you a Bkash agent account is appropriate, they will register your bKash agent account.

Requirements for Becoming a Bkash Agent

You will need to have and provide the following things to become a Bkash agent, such as:

  • A shop in a business-friendly place
  • 4 Photocopies of shop trade license
  • 4 copies of the NID card photocopy
  • 4 Photocopies of TIN certificates
  • 4 copies of passport-size color photographs of the Bkash agent applicant
  • A postpaid SIM

Where to Go to Open a BKash Agent Account

It is a common question: where to open a BKash agent account? As I said, you must go to the local bKash office to open a BKash agent account.

Call BKash Customer Care on 16247 to find your nearby bKash office. They’ll help you if you ask there.

Benefits of Being a Bkash Agent

The benefits of development agents are many. Let’s say you have a shop. That means you have a business. You’re profiting from that business.

In addition to that business, if you are a BKash agent, you can earn an additional amount of money monthly through the transaction of BKash Agent.

It can be 5 to 50 thousand takas. There may be more in the field. So that’s your extra income.

But you don’t have to spend any extra money. You have to work a little harder. You can earn extra monthly income at the same cost.

Moreover, if someone pays the rural electricity bill through BKash, you will get a commission of Tk 20 on that referral. The process will be announced soon. How to open a Bkash agent account.

Apart from this, if you open each personal account, you will get a commission of 50 takas. Even then, if the transaction of your opened accounts is done, you will get a certain commission.

So for those who want to do Bkash agent business, knowing the rules of becoming a Bkash agent is essential.


Hopefully, you have clearly understood how to open a Bkash agent account. The easiest way to become a bKash agent is to talk to the sales representative in your area about it. He can do everything easily.

If this is not possible, request online to become a Bkash agent. If there is no response, contact your divisional/district development distributor office with the necessary documents.