Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online 2024

Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online

NID check bangladesh allows two processes, online and using your SIM. Go to your message option and type: NID<Space>Form Number<Space>Date of Birth as DD-MM-YY and send it to 105. On the other hand, visit the website, go to the NID card check option, enter information, and check your NID.

Today I am here to explain those ways simply. Let’s get started.

Usually, a slip is given from the Election Commission Center after completing the application to become a new voter. A number is given on that slip. With that, you can get the NID number by SMS through mobile.

NID Card Check Bangladesh 2024

The NID Card Check Bangladesh system provides a secure and convenient way to check the status of a Bangladesh National Identity Card (NID). The system is designed to help verify the authenticity of NID cards and ensure that the cardholder is correct.

The system is available on the Bangladesh Election Commission website and is free. It is an easy-to-use system that requires only basic information such as the cardholder’s NID number, name, and date of birth; you must verify your face while you will go through this process. Once the information has been entered, the system will check the card’s status and provide a result.

There are two ways to check NID number:

  1. NID Card check using a mobile phone.
  2. NID Card check online.

How to Check NID Number Using a Mobile phone

NID numbers can usually be checked in two ways. One of them is Banglalink SIM, and it is straightforward. The other is by other SIMs apart from Banglalink SIM. Let’s discuss how to check the NID number with both SIM types.

NID Number Check With Banglalink SIM

If you use Banglalink SIM on your mobile, you can easily see your NID card or national identity card number. Follow the steps below to check the NID card with the Banglalink number.

Go to your mobile dial option and dial *1600#. It would be best if you dialed with Banglalink SIM. Then an interface will appear. Two types of options will be written in it. For example-

  • Status of your SIM
  • Status against your NID

From these two options, click on the following option. Then type 2 and click the send button. After that, an interface will appear where “Your request has been accepted. Please wait for a reply.”
You will be asked to wait for the replay through SMS. After a specified time, your National Identity Card number will be informed through a return SMS from the sent number.

Check NID Number From Other SIM Cards

How to check NID number by typing a message on mobile; So here is mentioned step by step. This matter is straightforward. First, you need to go to the message option on the mobile. Then go to the message option and type-

NID<Space>Form Number<Space>Date of Birth as DD-MM-YY

The form number is on the slip given to you by the election office.

Then fill it up and send the message to 105. Your NID number will come in the return message.

In this way, you can quickly get the NID number by SMS on mobile. NID numbers can be known through this method without the internet or smartphone.

Online NID Card Check Process

Now let’s know how to check your NID card online. To check the NID card online, read this post carefully until the end. So let’s get started.

When we become voters, we are given the slip by the Election Commission. This slip has a 9-digit number; you can check the NID card.

First, open any browser on your mobile or computer and search on Google’ NID Card Check.’ First, you will see a website like services- Visit that website. Then a home page will appear in front of you.

You must register to check your voter ID card if you are a new voter. You cannot check your card without registration. To complete the registration with the correct information. After registration, a new interface will appear. There you will be asked to give two numbers, one is the form number, and the other is the voter ID card number. You can check your Voter ID card with either.

So type any number there. Then fill in the general information it will ask you to provide and fill in the captcha well. Then after filling these, another interface will come. There you have to do verification with your mobile number.

You have to give the number you provided to the Election Commission. So type it here. Type and click the OK button. Then a code number will come on your phone.

You have to enter that code number in the following interface. After completing these tasks, you have to complete a new task. That is face verification. You must verify your face to check your NID card.

NID Face Verification Process

To do face verification, you must install an app called NID Wallet, which you can get on Google Play Store. After that, instead of checking your ID card on your phone, click on the red button that says Tap to open NID Wallet. After clicking on it, you can verify your face in the app you installed. Clicking that option will verify your face.

When you complete face verification to check your voter ID card, another page will appear with all the voter information and your picture. Here you can give a password if you want; if you don’t, there is no problem.

So this is the process of checking NID and downloading an ID card. I hope you benefited from this article. You can share this vital information with your acquaintances if you have benefited. You can visit our site for more online-based services. Stay with us to get more such new online services. Thank you.

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