NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes: NESCO Short Codes

NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes
NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes

NESCO is a power distribution company in Bangladesh, serving millions of customers across various regions. One essential aspect of the Prepaid Meter system is using shortcodes, which enables customers to perform various tasks, such as recharging their accounts, checking their balance, or reporting any issues.

In this discussion, we will explore the different shortcodes available for NESCO Prepaid Meter users and how they can utilize them to make the most out of the system.

Nesco Prepaid Meter All Codes

Now we will discuss the Nesco Prepaid Meter Short Codes you need in your daily work. You should save these codes because we can’t tell when we might have a problem.

We need to know these codes for our special needs. We are going to discuss this now. So read carefully till the end below.

Nesco Balance Check Code

We often want to check the balance after recharge. To check this balance, we need a code. When we press this code on the meter and press the enter button, we can check the balance of the meter. To check Nesco prepaid meter balance, you must go to the meter and press 37. Press it and press enter button to see your current balance.

Taking Emergency Balance Code

At some point, when the balance is over in our home, the electricity connection is cut off. Therefore, if we cannot recharge the balance in an emergency, we can keep our electricity connection open with the emergency balance.

In this case, you will take your meter and press 99999. By pressing this and the enter button, a specified emergency balance amount will be credited to your meter, and your electricity connection will be restored. This amount will be deducted from your balance on the next recharge.

Emergency Balance Check Code

We need a code to check the emergency balance we received. You can check your emergency balance by pressing the enter button on your meter. That code is 32. Please pick it up to see your current emergency balance.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Other Short Codes

Above are some of the most important codes. We need them. Also, you may need to know some more codes to know about Nesco prepaid meter. These codes are provided to us by Nesco Prepaid Meter so that we can easily collect various information about our meter.

Those important codes are given below. If you want, you can save these codes to access your information with them at important times.

Information Code
Present Balance 37
Emergency Balance Check 32
Used Emergency Balance 39
Present Electricity Rate 19
Sanctioned Load 7
Tariff Category 18
Friendly Hour 46
Voltage 52
Used Electricity (KW) 60
Emergency Balance 99999

The availability of shortcodes has further simplified the process, making it easy for customers to access various services through their mobile phones.

As NESCO continues to expand its services and reach more customers, the Prepaid Meter system and shortcodes are likely to play a crucial role in providing efficient and reliable electricity services to the people of Bangladesh.

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