Prepaid Meter Codes: Electricity Prepaid Meter All Codes 2024

Prepaid Meter Codes

If you are searching for Electricity Prepaid Meter codes, here you are! Bangladesh’s government started installing prepaid meters across the country in mid-2017. Currently, there are around 1 million prepaid meter users in Bangladesh, including-

  • NESCO.
  • DESCO.
  • DPDC and.
  • BPDB.

These companies work tirelessly to bring everyone or every area under prepaid meters. The prepaid meter has many useful codes, including balance top-up, balance check, etc. These codes are very important for you to know.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes 2024

The meter in the picture below is a smart electricity meter of NESCO. A specific code must be dialed to check specific information on the prepaid electricity meters.

By dialing the code on the meter, information such as emergency balance check, taking emergency balance, electricity unit check, etc., can be viewed by dialing the code. Now we will know the necessary and important codes of the NESCO prepaid meter.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes
“NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes”
  1. Current Balance (To view the current Balance on your NESCO prepaid meter) -37.
  2. Current electricity rates (To know the current electricity rate) -19.
  3. Amount of electricity used in the current month in kilowatts (To know the current amount of used electricity in KW or kilowatt) – 400.
  4. Current month’s electricity consumption (To view current month’s electricity consumption cost) -413.
  5. Maximum used to load in the current month (To view the maximum load used in the current month) -470.
  6. Emergency Balance Spending Amount (To view how much emergency balance you have spent) -39.
  7. Amount of last electricity purchase (To view how much electricity you have purchased currently) -200.
  8. Last month’s electricity consumption in kilowatts (To view how many kilobytes of electricity you used in the previous month) -401.
  9. Last month’s electricity consumption in Tk (To view how much electricity you have used in the previous month) -414.
  10. Emergency Balance (To take emergency balance when the meter runs out of Balance) -99999.
  11. Weekends (The electricity office is closed on weekends, so to know the weekend) -45.

NOTE: If the Balance is not added to the meter after recharge, type the received token number on the meter and press the blue inter button. After that, the recharged Balance of your prepaid meter will be added.

DESCO Prepaid Meter Codes 2024

The prepaid meter you see in the picture below is the DESCO Prepaid Meter. NESCO and the DESCO Prepaid Meter have several differences. The DESCO Prepaid Meter has a scroll button that can be clicked repeatedly to view the desired information.

DESCO Prepaid Meter Codes
“DESCO Prepaid Meter Codes”
  1. Number (first 7 digits).
  2. Meter number (last digits).
  3. Tariff.
  4. Current Balance.
  5. Total uses unit (KWH) after starting.
  6. Used retail Balance of the present month.
  7. Total uses unit (KWH) of the current month.
  8. Total used Balance of the previous month.
  9. Total uses unit (KWH) of the previous month.
  10. The power limit: 1.
  11. The power limit: 2.
  12. The meter tariff (LTA: resident).
  13. The range of per-unit price.
  14. The current date.
  15. The present time.
  16. The present supply voltage.
  17. The emergency balance etc.

DPDC Prepaid Meter All Codes 2024

Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) is Bangladesh’s largest electricity distribution company. DPDC started its operations on 14th May 2007, and on 31st December 2021, DPDC had 15,38,826 subscribers.

Every DPDC electricity prepaid meter user should know its codes so that it will be convenient to use and easily get the necessary information.

DPDC Prepaid Meter All Codes
“DPDC Prepaid Meter All Codes”
  1. Balance check (To check the current Balance of the prepaid meter) -00.
  2. Current month unit (To view current month’s power unit) -01.
  3. Total unit (To view total power units) -02.
  4. Current electricity price (To view current electricity prices) -03.
  5. To view the date -04.
  6. To check kilowatts -06.
  7. To check the power voltage -07.
  8. Last recharge (To view the last recharge amount) -31.
  9. To view token serial number -52.
  10. Emergency Balance (To take emergency balance when prepaid meter balance is exhausted) -89898686.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes 2024

By dialing prepaid meter shortcodes, consumers can easily find information about the prepaid meter. Now we will try to know some important shortcodes of all BPDP prepaid meters.

  1. For Balance check -801.
  2. To check meter condition -807.
  3. To check Prepaid meter number -804.
  4. To view emergency Balance check -810.
  5. To view the amount of last electricity consumption -813.
  6. To view the amount of last recharge -817.
  7. To view the amount of electricity consumption in the last month -820.
  8. To view the token number of the last prepaid meter recharge -830.
  9. To check the power voltage -870.
  10. To check the weekend -899.
  11. To check the serial number of token -889.
  12. To check the last recharge time -816.
  13. To check power outage time -819 etc.

Pre-payment meters make your busy life convenient and easy. We are also granted an “Emergency Credit” facility, which is granted to us for using a certain amount of excess credit. If you don’t have money to top up your Balance, you are given more time to fill up your meter before your utilities are turned off.

They also offer a “friendly credit” or “no-disconnect” service that operates without electricity during certain hours. So, it can be said that the benefits of prepaid meters have improved our lives and saved us valuable time and money.