E Passport Check Online Bangladesh: Check E Passport ONLINE!

E Passport Check Online Bangladesh

Many of us who apply for e-passports need passports on an urgent basis. For this reason, how long does it take to collect a passport after applying, or does the current status of the passport after application mean that police verification is pending or ready for delivery?

By checking the status, the passport applicant is reassured and can know when the passport will be received. After applying for e-passport again, you will know if there is any problem in processing or if it is stuck for any reason.

If you want to know the current status of e-passport, then that method is described by the e-passport web portal of the government of Bangladesh, which is discussed in detail below.

E Passport Login BD

If you want to apply for a Bangladeshi passport and after applying to know the current status of your passport online, you have to enter the e-passport portal of Bangladesh. By clicking on this link, you will see the homepage of the Bangladesh e-passport website.

You will see a sign-in option in the right corner of the homepage. If you have already applied for an e-passport, you must have signed up with your email and password at the time of application.

You will need to re-enter the email and password and sign in or login in to find out the details of the e-passport or check your passport status.

E Passport Login BD
“E Passport Login BD”

Check E-Passport Application Status

Nowadays, the rules for checking an e-passport are straightforward. Thanks to the internet, you can find out the latest passport application status at home.

If you have applied for an e-passport online and want to know the status of the e-passport, whether it has been done or not, then you can check the e-passport status at home. Let’s find out how to check the e-passport.

E Passport Check Online Near Dhaka

We are constantly applying for e-passport from different parts of Bangladesh. Many of us have applied for e-passport from Dhaka and areas around Dhaka. One of their advantages is that they can go directly to the E-7, Agargaon Shere-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207, and check the status of their e-passport or MRP passport status in person.

There is no way or facility to check the status of an e-passport or MRP passport by area except to personally check the status of the passport at the Election Commission office. Wherever we apply for an e-passport, the procedure for checking e-passport status is the same in all areas and for all. That method we will discuss this below.

E Passport Status Check By SMS

After submitting the passport application, we are given a delivery slip. A number is given in the upper right corner of the slip. This number is required to check the status of our e-passport in SMS.

Then we will go to the message option of our phone, and if our passport is E-passport, we will write “EPP” in SMS. And if our passport is an MRP passport, then we will write MRP instead of EPP. After writing EPP or MRP, you need to enter space and enter the delivery slip number.

E Passport Status Check By SMS
E Passport Status Check By SMS

The last thing is that if your passport is E-passport, send your SMS to 26969. And if your passport is an MRP passport, send your SMS to 6969. After receiving your SMS, they will inform you about your E-passport or MRP passport status in their return SMS.

Passport Number Check By Name

When we apply for an e-passport, and after applying, we submit the application along with the required documents, fingerprints, etc., we are given a delivery slip, and the number of the slip is the means of knowing the current status of our e-passport.

We can go to the Passport Web Portal of Bangladesh and find out the current status of our passport with the number of the Delivery Slip; even if we want to know the status of our passport via SMS, even after that, we will need that number in the delivery slip. So it is impossible to know the current status of our e-passport just by name.

Bangladesh Passport Check By Passport Number

Previously SMS method was used to check passport status. However, the e-passport has to be checked online, and the SMS system is not working correctly. Here are two rules to check e-passport status online, which will help you check your passport at home.

Visit the page to check the e-passport application status. Here you can check your passport with your passport number. At the beginning of the page, you will see the option to input your Online Registration ID and Application ID.

After submitting the passport fee and taking photographs and other work at the passport office, they must have given you the slip; you can see a 13-digit number on the top right. Enter the number in the Application ID box.

Click on the button to update your date of birth to check the prior status of your e-passport.

BD Passport Delivery Check

Many of us who have applied for an e-passport, completed fingerprint enrollment, and submitted the required documents do not know the current status of our E-passport, whether our passport is ready for printing, verification is complete, or ready for delivery. Below we will discuss how to find out the current status of our passport or whether our passport is ready for delivery.

E Passport Delivery Time

To check your passport’s delivery time, go to the status check on the homepage of the E-Passport portal. Enter your Application ID or Online Registration ID and the Date of Birth of the applicant to view the current status of your passport application, including your passport delivery time.

The application ID will be found in the delivery slip you received after enrollment in the passport office. After that, you will see the status of all your applications in your online portal account, or if you want, you can also check it by SMS. How to know the status of an e-passport via SMS is discussed above.

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