Best Color to Wear for Passport Photo

Best Color to Wear for Passport Photo
Best Color to Wear for Passport Photo

Many of us may struggle to choose what to wear for passport photos. So I’ll go over how to dress for a biometric photo for a passport. It will enable you to take a lovely passport photo.

First and foremost, the thing that should be remembered is that passport photos are often taken against a white or light-colored background. This means you should refrain from donning clothing that is too similar to the ground in light hues because doing so may cause you to look washed out and blend in.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Color for Passport Photos

Please consider your outfit and your hair and makeup before taking your passport photo. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which oversees global standards for biometric images, has guidelines about what can be worn in passport photos:

  1. You must keep your eyes open enough and your face visible (no hair better be not in front of eyes and face)
  2. Heavy glasses and frames are discouraged as they might cover part of your eyes and face.
  3. The photo must be directed to the camera for a clear and nice photo of you.
  4. Select dark clothing that has direct contrast to the background.
  5. A black T-shirt would definitely be the finest choice and a light-colored background.
  6. A plain white colored background is appreciated.
  7. Skin tones and complexions are better to be natural to show.
  8. Keep in mind that your chin needs to be visible.
  9. You cannot wear a uniform and may not cover your head with a cap or scarf unless you have religious reasons too.

Colors to Avoid When Taking Passport Photos

Dark-colored clothing has more preference in taking a lovely and clear Passport photo. Since the studio’s background remains light-colored, contrasted color to the background, like black, reflects the photo more visibly, so it’s better not to wear a light-colored dress.

Dresses and Accessories to Avoid For Taking Passport Photos

A passport photo is an important issue in verifying identity, and it must be visible so that no problem arises. According to the ICAO, the following points should be kept in mind to take a perfect photo for a passport.

  1. Uniforms can not be worn or anything resembling such things.
  2. Informal dresses showing chests are not allowed. You should not wear sleeveless and collarless attire.
  3. It’s better to avoid wearing plunging necklines, boat neck tops, spaghetti-strapped tops, halters, sando, tube tops, and similar types.
  4. Piercing in the face is not allowed during photo shoots.
  5. Pure white and patterned attires are not worn.
  6. Heavy jewelry should not be worn that covers part of the face.
  7. You can not wear accessories that cover your head. ( hats, scarfs except for religious reasons)

Best Colors to Wear for Passport Photo

Although wearing light or white clothing for passport photos is not prohibited, it can make your face stand out and cause you to completely blend into the background with your head hanging there.
There is no specific color to wear. Rather, a range of colored attires is preferred.

  • Dark color: Safe colors for your top are black, dark blue, and brown, but you can also get away with wearing a brighter color if it isn’t extremely garish.
  • Neutral color: Neutral colors like grey, blue, brown, etc., can be the preferences for the attire.
  • Jewel Tones: Variations of red, yellow, green, blue, and purple that range from mid-tones to deep, saturated shades can be worn for the passport photo.

Tips for the Dressing for Passport Photos

You should match the occasion with what to wear for a passport photo if you need to apply for a job with official documents or obtain an overseas business visa within the next ten years. For a passport photo, you might choose a simple dress that works for any occasion.

There is something that is not ruled out but is better to avoid for taking passport photos. Some are mentioned below.

  • Keep the attire simple and formal.
  • Give a simple pose rather than a bold fashion statement.
  • Even though we generally support a decent athleisure appearance, we advise choosing a straightforward sweater or a plain top instead (or a collared shirt or blouse).
  • Avoid wearing off-the-shoulder or boat-neck tops when choosing which shirt to wear for your passport photo. Wearing a shirt that falls below the shoulders may give the impression that you are not wearing a shirt in the shot, which is not the best scenario, as passport images are typically cropped from the shoulders up.
  • A neat and properly pressed dress gives a good vibe of smartness.


Q1. Can Someone Make a Grin for a Passport Picture?

Yeah, but make sure to keep your mouth closed and your eyes open. Maintaining a natural expression is crucial; avoid a broad smile and an overly grave attitude. Keep your face natural and relaxed, smiling and facing the camera.

Q2. Is Makeup Permitted in Passport Photos?

You can wear cosmetics to look natural and fresh in your passport photo.

Make sure your face appears normal and everyday-looking. Avoid excessive makeup and bright colors because they may distort your facial features or cover up your natural skin tone.

Q3. Should I Avoid Wearing Light Colors for My Passport Photo?

Yes, it’s generally advisable to avoid wearing light colors too close to the background since this might cause you to look washed out and blend in.

Q4. What Are Hues Appropriate for a Passport Photo?

For passport photos, solid, dark-colored clothing is typically an excellent option. The sleek, timeless aesthetic of black, navy blue, and dark gray are all excellent choices that stand out against a light background.

Q5. Why is Picking the Appropriate Hue for a Passport Photo Important?

Selecting the proper hue for your passport photo is crucial since it can change how you seem in the end product.

Wrapping Up

A solid, dark-colored outfit is typically the best option for selecting the finest color for a passport photo. Good choices that will produce a clean, timeless appearance and stand out against a light background include black, navy blue, and dark gray.

Choose a modest, high neckline to highlight your face and keep your hair and makeup simple and natural-looking. These suggestions can help ensure your passport photo looks good and complies with all regulations.