Bangladesh Birth Certificate Correction BD Online 2024

Bangladesh Birth Certificate Correction

It doesn’t matter if there are any mistakes in your birth registration. If there is any mistake in the birth registration, we can easily apply for correction online. We will know all the updated details of Birth Registration Amendment 2022 and today’s detailed discussion on how to amend birth registration and apply for birth information amendment.

Birth Certificate Correction Online Rules

If we want to apply for correction of our birth registration information, it has to be online. To apply for an online birth certificate amendment, you must first add the revised report and then apply simply by uploading the required proofs and correct documents. details below-

Birth Certificate Update Correction Form Online

Before applying for a birth registration amendment, verify your birth registration certificate and check if it is online. Of course, the candidate will need online birth registration. Otherwise, you cannot modify your birth registration. The complete step-by-step process of the birth registration certificate is discussed below.

Birth Registration Online Check

  1. First, you have to enter the bdris website. This is the website for storing the birth registration certificate information of Bangladesh.
  2. After entering the website, you have to enter the “জন্ম নিবন্ধন তথ্য অনুসন্ধান” page.
  3. When the page opens, you need to fill in a captcha with the correct birth registration number and date of birth. After giving all the information, if you click on search, the information on your birth registration certificate will be shown.
Birth Registration Online Check
“Birth Registration Online Check: 01”
Birth Registration Online Check
“Birth Registration Online Check: 02”

After searching your birth registration certificate information, you will get a 17-digit number on your birth certificate. If you do not get the number for any reason, you can get the 17-digit number from your local union council or find it online.

Birth Registration Information Correction

Now you need to enter the Bangladesh Birth Registration Certificate information website. If you enter this link, it will take you directly to the Birth Registration Certificate correction page. Here you will find a form where you first must select your country, district, and City.

The corporation or Upazila has to be selected, and lastly, the municipality or union Parishad where the birth certificate was registered.

Birth Registration Information Correction
“Birth Registration Information Correction: 01”
Birth Registration Information Correction
“Birth Registration Information Correction: 02”

Enter the information you need to correct in the form and enter the information you need correctly. In the Image above are ways to add accurate information. If you want to correct your date of birth, select “Subject” from the side page. In this way, add all the information that you want to correct, one by one.

Upload Relevant Documents

Below is a list of certificates you must upload along with the application form after correcting your birth registration information.

  1. Father’s birth registration certificate.
  2. Maternal birth registration certificate.
  3. Father’s National Identity Card.
  4. Mother’s National Identity Card.
  5. Any proof of permanent address of the person.
  6. Any proof of the person’s current address.
  7. Father’s passport-size color photo.
  8. Mother’s passport-size color photo.
  9. Passport-size color photo of the registered person.
  10. SSC certificate of the registered person.
  11. Proof of father’s death.
  12. Mother’s death certificate.
  13. Photocopy of the National Identity Card of the registered person.
  14. Photocopy of any issue-related file.
  15. Primary (PSC) School Certificate.
  16. Junior (JSC) School Certificate.

After correcting the information on your birth registration certificate by following the above steps, you must submit the corrected information and relevant documents.

Birth Registration Application ID

After submitting the online application for birth registration, you will receive an application ID or reference number for the application. Collect it, print a copy of the application form, and then download the registration amendment application. Print it in clear black and white and submit it to the concerned office.

Birth Registration Application ID
“Birth Registration Application ID: 01”
Birth Registration Application ID
“Birth Registration Application ID: 02”

You will be able to collect your corrected birth registration certificate from your local office within 15 to 30 working days of submitting the application form and relevant documents carrying the information of your corrected birth registration certificate to the concerned office.

Birth Registration Correction Cost

There are a variety of costs involved in correcting the birth registration certificate. In some cases, the costs may decrease or increase. The cost of correcting any mistake in the date of the birth registration certificate is a bit high. On the other hand, if only the name, father’s name, or mother’s name is wrong, it costs less to correct it. Below is a list of the costs involved in correcting certain information.

  1. Fee for the correction of registration information – is 100 Taka in Bangladesh and 2 dollars abroad.
  2. Apart from the date of birth, the cost for correcting one’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, address, etc., and other information – in Bangladesh – is 50 Taka, and abroad – 1 dollar.
  3. After correcting the original certificate or information in both Bengali and English, the cost of providing a copy of the certificate in Bangladesh is free of cost or charge, and abroad is free of cost or charge.
  4. The cost of copying the certificate in both Bengali and English is 50 Taka in Bangladesh and 1 dollar abroad.

We hope that if you pay attention to the above information, the problems related to birth registration certificates can be solved yourself. The issues related to birth registration certificates, NID cards, passports, etc., have been discussed on our website; you can also check them for your needs or knowledge.