Teletalk Promotional SMS Off Code 2024

Teletalk Promotional SMS Off Code

To activate Teletalk DND Service or turn off Teletalk promotional SMS, Dial *155*1# and enjoy your communication without promotional messages, unsolicited calls, and spam notifications.

Regain your peace of mind and enjoy the communication world by turning off unwanted disturbances and embracing the convenience of Teletalk DND Service.

What Is Teletalk Promotional SMS Off Code?

Teletalk Promotional SMS Off Code prevents you from receiving promotional text messages from Teletalk. These messages include information about new offers, services, or discounts.

If you find these messages intrusive or wish to opt out of receiving them, you can deactivate Teletalk Promotional SMS by following some methods below.

How To Deactivate Teletalk Promotional SMS?

Teletalk offers a straightforward method to deactivate promotional SMS services, allowing you to stop receiving unsolicited marketing messages. To deactivate Teletalk Promotional SMS, follow the steps below.

  • Open the messaging app on your Teletalk mobile device.
  • Type a message as “STOP
  • Send the message to 5000.

Wait for a confirmation message from Teletalk acknowledging that your request to deactivate Promotional SMS has been received and processed.

Once you have sent the message and received the confirmation, Teletalk should cease sending promotional SMS to your mobile number.

It might take some time for the deactivation to take effect. If you continue to receive promotional messages, it is recommended to contact Teletalk customer support for further assistance.

Teletalk DND Service

Sometimes, unwanted disturbances can hinder our peace of mind. Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted communication and privacy, Teletalk brings forth its innovative DND (Do Not Disturb) Service.

By dialing *155*1#, Teletalk users can control unwanted disturbances and tailor their communication experience according to their preferences.

Whether it’s blocking promotional messages, the Teletalk DND Service empowers users to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted communication journey.

Once you have successfully subscribed to the Teletalk DND service, you will no longer receive messages in the categories you have opted out of.

Teletalk DND Service offers a simple and effective solution for managing unwanted disturbances in your communication.

By dialing *155*1#, you can easily block promotional messages and enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted communication experience.


  • Will using the Teletalk promotional SMS off code stop all SMS messages from Teletalk?

Ans: No, the Teletalk promotional SMS off code is specifically designed to stop promotional messages only.

You will still receive other important service-related SMS messages, such as notifications about your account, bill payments, or other relevant information.

  • After using the Teletalk promotional SMS Off code, can I reactivate the promotional SMS service?

Ans: Yes, in most cases, you can reactivate the promotional SMS service by contacting Teletalk customer support or using the appropriate code or procedure provided by Teletalk.

  • Are there any alternative methods to unsubscribe from Teletalk promotional SMS messages?

Ans: The Teletalk promotional SMS off code is usually the method to unsubscribe from promotional messages.

  • Will unsubscribing from promotional SMS messages affect my other services with Teletalk?

Ans: No, unsubscribing from promotional SMS messages should not affect your other services with Teletalk. It is specifically designed to stop promotional communication and should not impact your regular services.

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