Bangladesh Death Certificate – Details Information

Bangladesh Death Certificate
Bangladesh Death Certificate

We need a death certificate in many cases. A person of a family or relatives of the deceased sometimes needs their certificate if there is a deceased person in their family.

But many people don’t know how to do a death certificate or where to get death certificate. Today this article will give you all details about a death certificate. So, follow the article below.

Bangladesh Death Certificate Details Information

Today in this post, I will discuss in detail the death certificate, including where to get the death certificate and how to download the death certificate. You will get here all the details information about a death certificate. So stay with us till the end to know them in today’s article.

Where is the Death Certificate Available?

Many people ask where to get the death certificate. Let’s now find out the answer to this question. If a family member needs a death certificate, you can quickly get the death certificate from the nearest Union Parishad.

But to get the death certificate from there, you have to pay a certain amount of fee to get the death certificate.

So if the death certificate is required, you must go to your nearest Union Parishad and collect the death certificate with your required fee.

Bangladesh Death Certificate Application Fee

Many people want to know about death certificate fees. If you’re going to get your death certificate from the Union Parishad, you have to pay a fee. The death certificate is free up to 45 days after a person’s death. After that, a fee will be charged for the death certificate.

If a person goes to register the death certificate after 45 days of the death, it may cost 25 TK. And if you want to get the death certificate after five years, you have to pay a fee of 50 TK.

How to Register a Death Certificate?

Let’s know how to do a death certificate at this point today. If you need a death certificate, you can collect it from the Union Parishad or register it online.

You can directly apply for the collection of the death registration certificate by going directly to all city corporations, municipalities, union councils, and registrar offices in Bangladesh.

During a stay abroad, a death certificate can be done online using Bangladesh Embassy. It is possible to apply for a death certificate online.

If you want to collect any of your relatives’ death certificates, you can directly go to the Union Parishad and collect the death certificate from there. You can take the death certificate from there by paying 50 tk free.

Death Certificate Registration Process

Now we will know about the registration process of online death registration. Those who want a new registration can do the Union Parishad registration. If you want to avoid the trouble of Union Parishad, you can complete the online registration process at home.

Those who want to apply for death registration online can directly register through this website You can easily apply online for death registration through this website. You can also apply for new death registration online in this way.

First, you must visit the Death Certificate Registration Link website to generate a birth and death certificate.

  • Then click on the menu bar and click on Citizen Service.
  • Then click on Death and click on Apply For New Application.
  • Then log in by setting a mobile number.
  • Next, put your relationship with the person whose death certificate you are applying for.
  • Then upload the deceased’s name, age, date of death, and any documents
  • Then write the place where the deceased died.
  • Then upload the name and documents of the deceased’s father and mother, NID Card/Voter Card, or Ration Card.
  • If the deceased person is married, upload the name of his or her husband or wife and any document of NID card, ration card, or voter card; otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Mention the residential address of the deceased at the time of death.
  • Then place the religion of the deceased and mention his livelihood.
  • Then finally, upload and submit the death certificate issued by the doctor.
  • Then click on Track Application to verify the application, whether the certificate has been received or not, and download the certificate by clicking on Download.

Death Certificate Registration Form

You need to fill out a form for registration of the death certificate. You can also do this at home.
If you have any problem doing it online, you can download and print the form and fill it out at home. Below is a link.

Death Certificate Registration Form
“Death Certificate Registration Form”

You will get the pdf file of the death certificate registration form in this link. So if you want to download the death certificate registration form and fill it in at home, click on the link below, download the PDF file, print it, and fill it out correctly.

Death Certificate Registration Form PDF

Death Registration Verification

Many want to verify death registrations. Verification of death registration is necessary because it is essential to know if there is any mistake in the death registration.

For this, the death registration has to be verified. Those who want to check the death registration information can go directly to the website from the link below.

After visiting this website, you can see one such picture.

Death Registration Verification
“Death Registration Verification”

Here you have to fill in the boxes with the required information. Then click on submit button. Then your death certificate will show, and you can quickly check it here.

Bangladesh Death Certificate Download

Now let’s know about the process of downloading the death certificate. The process of downloading a death certificate is straightforward. When you go to verify the death certificate as per the above method, you will get an option called download certificate.

If you don’t find this option, then you can print it. So to download the death certificate, first you need to adopt the verification method of the death certificate, and from there, you can download it very quickly.

A detailed discussion about death certificates is done in today’s article. I hope you got to know the details about the death certificate. You can let us know if you need to learn more about death certificates. Visit our website for more information regarding this. Thank you.