GP Promotional SMS Off Code

GP Promotional SMS Off Code 2023

GP Promotional SMS Off Code. Dial *1211*101# using your GP SIM and turn off all disturbing SMS from GP.

Enjoy a personalized communication experience free from unwanted marketing messages. There is a discussion about GP promotional SMS and DND service.

Grameenphone Promotional SMS Off Code

GP Promotional SMS Off Code allows you to stop receiving promotional text messages from GP. These messages often relate to various offers, discounts, or new services.

If you find these messages intrusive or want to opt out of receiving them, you can follow the steps below to deactivate GP Promotional SMS.

How To Deactivate GP Promotional SMS?

The GP Promotional SMS Off Code is a specific code that allows you to unsubscribe or stop receiving promotional SMS messages from GP.

GP provides a simple and convenient method to deactivate promotional SMS services. Here’s how you can stop receiving promotional text messages from GP:

  • First, go to the dial pad on your phone.
  • Type *121*1101# and call your GP phone.

Wait for a confirmation message from GP stating that your request to deactivate Promotional SMS has been received and processed.

Once you have successfully sent the message and received the confirmation, you should stop receiving promotional messages from GP.

It is important to note that this deactivation process may take some time to be fully effective. If you still receive promotional messages after a reasonable period, you can contact GP customer support for further assistance.

GP DND Service

GP DND (Do Not Disturb) service is designed to give customers control over the type of promotional messages they receive.

By subscribing to the GP DND service, you can choose which categories of messages you want to opt out of, ensuring a more personalized messaging experience. To activate DND service, dial *121*1101#

You will receive a reply message for confirmation of your DND Service. Once you have successfully subscribed to the GP DND service, you will no longer receive messages in the categories you have opted out of.

If you wish to change your preferences or opt back into certain categories in the future, dial *121*1102# to deactivate the DND service.


  • Will unsubscribing from promotional SMS messages affect my other services with GP?

Ans: No, unsubscribing from promotional SMS messages does not affect your other services with GP.

  • AFTER USING THE PROMOTIONAL SMS OFF CODE, can I still receive important offers or updates from GP?

Ans: The promotional SMS off code is meant to stop promotional messages, but you should still be able to receive important offers, updates, or notifications from GP that are relevant to your important services.

  • After using the GP Promotional SMS Off Code, can I reactivate the promotional SMS service?

Ans: In most cases, you can reactivate the promotional SMS service by contacting GP customer support or using the appropriate code mentioned above.

  • Will using the GP Promotional SMS Off Code incur any charges?

Ans: No, using the GP Promotional SMS Off Code does not incur any charges. It’s free of charge.


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