Robi Incoming Outgoing Call ON/OFF Code

Robi Incoming Outgoing Call ON OFF Code
Robi Incoming Outgoing Call ON OFF Code

If you don’t want anyone to call you and don’t want to switch off your phone, go to your phone’s call option and dial *35*0000#. It will automatically stop all incoming calls from reaching you. During this time, you can make outgoing calls.

If you are ready to retake incoming calls, dial #35*0000#. Now, people will be able to reach you again. You can use these codes as many times as you want.

Robi Incoming and Outgoing Call

Our smartphones are indispensable tools in the digital world, connecting us to the world around us. However, there are times when we need a temporary respite from incoming and outgoing calls.

If you’re a Robi subscriber, this article will guide you on managing your call preferences without switching off your phone.

Robi Incoming Call Activation Process

There are situations when you may want to use your phone for outgoing calls but avoid receiving incoming calls. Robi provides a simple activation process for this feature.

To activate Robi’s incoming call, open your phone’s dialer and dial *35*0000#.

By entering this code, all incoming calls will be blocked, allowing you to make outgoing calls without interruptions.

Robi Incoming Call Deactivation Process

When you’re ready to receive incoming calls again, you can quickly deactivate the call block using this process:

Access your phone’s dialer and dial #35*0000#. After that, your phone will once again be able to receive incoming calls.

Additionally, there is an alternative code to bar incoming calls: *21018#. Activating this code will prevent any incoming calls. To deactivate it, dial ##21#.

Robi Outgoing Call Activation Process

Sometimes, you may wish to suspend your ability to make outgoing calls temporarily. Robi offers a straightforward code to achieve this:

Open your phone’s dialer and dial *33*0000#. After entering this code, any attempts to make outgoing calls will be restricted.

Robi Outgoing Call Deactivation Process

When you’re ready to resume making outgoing calls, you can deactivate the call block with ease:

Access your phone’s dialer and dial #33*0000#. Your outgoing call functionality will be reactivated, allowing you to make calls as usual.

These Robi call management codes are incredibly convenient and can be used as often as needed to control incoming and outgoing calls according to your preferences.

Final Words

Robi’s incoming and outgoing call management codes provide flexibility and control over your phone’s call functions. They allow you to manage your call preferences to your specific needs.

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