Teletalk Recharge Offer

Teletalk Recharge Offer Packs 2023

Teletalk operator offers different benefits on top of different amounts in mobile money recharge for their esteemed customers. They offer Bornomala, Agami, Oporajita, and another type of Teletalk SIM.

All the offers can be taken by recharging a specific amount, which is very low and affordable. All types of Teletalk SIM recharge offers have been given.

Teletalk Recharge Offer

Teletalk, one of the leading mobile operators, is dedicated to providing its valued customers exceptional benefits on their mobile recharges. In this year’s exciting offer, Teletalk leaves no stone unturned, incorporating internet services into every package.

With an array of packages like Oporajita, Shadheen, Agami, and Bornomala, you can enjoy competitive call rates and extended validity periods.

Teletalk Regular Recharge Internet Offer

You are introducing the Teletalk Regular Recharge Offer! Teletalk, your trusted mobile operator, is delighted to bring you regular recharge offers. With these offers, you can enjoy competitive rates and extended validity. Whether it’s voice calls, internet data, or SMS, Teletalk’s Regular Recharge Offer has been introduced.

RechargeOfferActivation CodeValidity
1276 GB*111*127#Unlimited Days
30926 GB*111*309#Unlimited Days
9100 MB*111*501#3 Days
39500 MB*111*503#30 Days
271 GB*111*27#7 Days
211 GB*111*534#3 Days
25500 MB*111*718#7 Days
591 GB*111*49#30 Days
932 GB*111*93#30 Days
443 GB*111*44#3 Days
1393 GB*111*531#30 Days
694 GB*111*66#7 Days
785 GB*111*511#7 Days
2015 GB*111*532#30 Days
23910 GB*111*550#30 Days
9712 GB*111*97#7 Days
30120 GB*111*552#30 Days
15925 GB*111*198#15 Days

Teletalk Agami Recharge Offer

Teletalk is pleased to offer you an exclusive offer designed for Agami subscribers. This unique package meets the specific communication needs of students with additional internet data to keep you connected throughout your educational journey.

The Agami Recharge Offer ensures affordability and convenience, whether attending classes, conducting research, or staying in touch with friends and family.

RechargeOfferActivation CodeValidity
221 GB*111*600#7 Days
451 GB*111*601#30 Days
812 GB*111*602#30 Days
554 GB*111*603#7 Days
915 GB*111*605#15 Days
17710 GB*111*610#30 Days

Teletalk Bornomala Recharge Offer

Teletalk is pleased to present an exclusive offer designed specifically for its Bornomala subscribers. This offer allows Bornomala users to enjoy various benefits, including internet data. Whether you’re a student or someone who values the Bornomala Recharge Offer, it provides an Internet solution for you.

RechargeOfferActivation CodeValidity
241 GB*111*611#7 Days
461 GB*111*612#30 Days
832 GB*111*613#30 Days
624 GB*111*614#7 Days
965 GB*111*615#15 Days
18610 GB*111*616#30 Days

Teletalk Ororajita Recharge Offer

Teletalk is delighted to present an exclusive offer for its Oporajita subscribers. This special package is designed to cater to the unique communication needs of women, offering competitive call rates, extended validity, and added internet data to ensure smooth connectivity.

Look at these packages to find the perfect fit for your communication requirements and maximize your Teletalk Oporajita experience.

RechargeOfferActivation CodeValidity
81 GB*111*8#7 Days
191 GB*111*19#3 Days
382 GB*111*38#7 Days

Teletalk Recharge Call Rate Offer

As the internet is very important, you will notice that they have included the Call Rate offer for its customers.

Package NameRechargeCall RateValidity
Oporajita29 Tk.60 Paisa/minute in any local number7 Days
Shadheen99 Tk60 Paisa/minute in any local number30 Days
Projonmo99 Tk60 Paisa/minute in any local number7 Days
Youth99 Tk65 Paisa/minute in any local number30 Days

Teletalk Other Recharge Offer

Teletalk understands the diverse needs of its customers and offers a range of recharge options to various preferences. Whether you’re a business professional, a casual user, or have specific preferences, Teletalk’s Other Recharge Offer has something for everyone.

Teletalk 24 TK 1 GB Offer

Teletalk’s 24 Tk 1 GB Internet Offer provides customers with a convenient way to enjoy 1 GB of data for 7 days.

To avail of this offer, eligible customers must recharge their account with 24 Tk. To check the remaining data balance, customers can dial *152#

3 GB Offer for Tk 62

Teletalk’s 3 GB Offer for Tk 62 has become a favorite choice among many Teletalk users due to its attractive bundle of minutes and SMS. For just 62 taka, customers can enjoy a generous 3 GB data package that remains valid for 10 days.

To avail of this 3 GB offer, eligible customers have two convenient options. They can either recharge their account with 62 Tk or dial *111*614#

Teletalk 22TK 1 GB Offer

Robi’s 22 Tk 1 GB Internet Offer presents a fantastic opportunity for customers to enjoy a 1 GB data package at an affordable price. To avail of this offer, eligible customers must recharge their account with 22 Tk.

After recharging, customers will receive 1 GB of data, which remains valid for 7 days. To conveniently check the remaining data balance, customers can dial *152#

Teletalk Oporajita Recharge Bonus Offer

After SIM is activated, you get an attractive start-up bonus. Just recharge 99 Tk and get a bonus, which includes 60 minutes, 60 SMS, and 5 GB of internet data. This package’s validity is 30 Days.

Final Words

Teletalk continues to impress its subscribers with its diverse range of recharge offers. Whether you are an Oporajita, Bornomala, Agami, or Sadhin category, Teletalk has crafted packages that provide competitive rates, extended validity, and extra data to keep you connected with Teletalk.


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