2024 bKash New Account Offer For New bKash Users

bKash New Account Offer For New bKash Users
bKash New Account Offer For New bKash Users

2022 is over. In the new year, bkash new account, 2024, has come with all the great exciting offers. BKash offers more bonuses than ever on new account registration, sending money, money deposits, or referrals.

There are all the new features with it. BKash new account Offer 2024, and all its terms and conditions will be discussed in detail in this writing today. Bkash is the most popular mobile banking system in Bangladesh.

About 70% of people use this system. But now the Bkash new account offer is making the system ever more popular. Whoever still does not have a Bkash account is now interested in opening a new account hearing to the Bkash new account offer 2024.

New BKash Account Offer In 2024

At the beginning of the new year 2023, BKash has come up with great and lucrative offers. All these offers are related to Bkash new account offers, such as New account sign-up, refer the Bkash app, saving money, payment, etc. Every option has great offers. Let’s know the details.

Bkash New Account 150 Tk Offer

At the beginning of the year m Bkash new account offer comes up with a new account sign-up offer in development. If you are not a bKash customer, you can get up to Tk 150 for free by creating a new account.

How? Let’s follow the instructions:

First of all, download the bkash app from the Google Play Store. Then register a personal account with your phone number and national identity card. You are done with creating your new Bkash account to dig into the Bkash new account offer. If you open the account from the app and log in for the first time, 25 taka will be deposited into your account.

This is not the end here; if you bKash any bill from 500 to 1000 taka from your account within a month of the first login, you will get a bonus of 10 taka. If such a utility bill is Tk 1001 or more, another Tk 15 will be deposited in your account as a bonus.

In the second month of login, you will get another Tk 25 on any mobile number on recharge of Tk 11. If you send money of Tk 1,000 in that month, you will get Tk 10; if you send money of Tk 2,000, you will get a bonus of Tk 15.

And if you cash out at least Tk 2000, another Tk 25 will be deposited in your account. In this way, you can get a bonus of up to Tk 150 through new account registration as a part of Bkash new account offer.

Friends, you will be very happy to know that the new bkash account open offer runs almost all time of the year.

There is. Still, it is currently being said from bKash.

You can easily open your bKash new account from the bKash app. Because you know you can get a 150 TK bonus from your Bkash new account!

For instance, to get the bonus by opening a new bKash account, you must register the bKash account from the app. Till September 30, 2021, if you launch a Bkash new account, you can get a bonus of up to Tk. 150.

Bkash New Account Interest Offer

As a part Bkash new account offer, You can get up to 4% interest a year by depositing money in a BKash account and keeping money safely through BKash. BKash offers interest to their customers starting from a minimum of 1.5% to 2%, 3%, and a maximum of 4%.

For example, if you have at least Rs 1,000 in a month in your BKash new account, if you make 2 transactions in that month, and if the average balance of that month is between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000.99, then you will get an interest of 1.5% annually on the average balance of that month.

(N.B. Stop taking an interest: Interest is haram in Islam. So if you have an objection to taking an interest, you can stop it through some process. Select the desired language by calling 16247 from your bKash new account number for this. Press 5 for interest and other information on the money deposited. Then press 1 for interest-related information. Finally, press 1 to stop taking an interest. If your request is accepted, you will be notified via message.)

Other Exciting Bkash New Account Offers

You will get some phenomenal Bkash new account offers, such as:

  • Self-registration means opening your account from the bKash app + first logging in; you will get 25 TK for free.
  • If you recharge Bkash Mobile at any number for the first time (within the first week) by opening a BKash account or cash out (cash out), you will get a bonus of Tk 25.
  • To get a bonus of tk 25 on your number, recharge Tk 25 on your number. By opening the new Bkash account, after the first week and once every month for the next two months, you will get a (25 + 25) 50 taka bonus.
  • If you bring, Add Money from your Card to bKash from Bkash to your number of tk. 1000, you will get tk. 25.
  • The BKash app adds money to you after the first week of log-in and within the next two months.
  • You can enjoy this benefit 2 times. You will get a bonus of tk. 50 from Athar Bkash, add money.

By now, you have understood that you have a total bonus of Tk 150 by opening a new BKash account.

Bkash New Account Refer Offer 2024

Everyone knows the bonus is available if the bKash app is referred to others. But the mega offer is now in bKash Ref as a part of Bkash new account offer.

Now if you refer to the bKash app, you can win motorbikes, laptops, smartphones, and all the great bonuses! For this, the new customer must transact on the bKash app. And there is a bonus of 100 TK!

bKash New Account Refer Offers

The reward list is given below:

  • 7000+ referral = Honda CBR 150R (1 person)
  • 6000+ Referral TVS Metro 100CC Motorbikes (2 people)
  • 5000+ referral Lenovo laptops (7 people)
  • 2000+ Referral Oppo A16 Smartphones (20 people)
  • 600+ referrals 1000 taka bonus (200 people)

The referrer will get a bonus of Rs 100 for each successful referral during the offer. They will receive the rewards based on referring a certain number of new users.

Note that you must download the app from the referral link during the offer, log in for the first time, and make the transaction. Only then will you get prizes and the bonus of Rs 100, which will be available for referral activation?

The winner will be selected based on the total number of successful referrals during the campaign. The winners will be selected after the campaign’s duration and proper scrutiny completion.

If more than one referrer makes an equal number of successful referrals within the winning range, the first referrer will be eligible for the bonus.

How to Refer For bKash Account?

Click on the “Refer Bkash App” option from Menubar in the BKash app. By clicking the “Refer” button, share the referral link with a potential new customer by text message, messenger, or social media. It’s done!

If the referred person installs the bKash app, signs up from the link you gave, and makes the first transaction, you will get a bonus of Tk 100 immediately.

Bkash New Account 2024 Terms & Conditions

  • You need to register an account using the Bkash app.
  • By successfully logging into the bKash app for the first time, the customer will get a bonus of tk. 25.
  • If you successfully register yourself and log in for the first time, you will get an instant bonus.
  • BKash reserves the right to cancel the cashback payment if it violates the terms of the bKash campaign or raises a reasonable suspicion that it has misused the customer’s transaction behavior.

Last Words

In the above discussion, you know about the ongoing offers collected from various campaigns during the post-update of Bkash new account offer 2024. BKash conducts various offer campaigns throughout the year.

So these offers may differ at different times. So you can visit their official website to know about the latest bKash new account offer 2024.