Electricity Bill Per Unit in Bangladesh in 2024

Electricity Bill Per Unit in Bangladesh
Electricity Bill Per Unit in Bangladesh

The electricity bill is a statement issued by an electricity provider to its customers detailing the amount of electricity consumed and the amount to be paid for that electricity.

The bill typically includes information such as the current meter reading, the rate per unit of electricity, and other charges such as taxes, late payment fees, etc.

The cost of electricity can vary depending on several factors, including the location, type of electricity service, time of use, and the customer’s consumption patterns.

Today I will provide the old and new electricity bills per unit prices in Bangladesh. As the price of all products is increasing day by day, for this reason, the electricity bill is also increasing. So, follow today’s discussion till the end to know all the updated information about the electricity bill in Bangladesh.

Electricity Bill in Bangladesh 2024

In Bangladesh, the electricity bill is issued by the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) or the distribution companies. The bill amount is calculated based on the units of electricity consumed, the tariffs set by the government, and any additional fees or taxes.

Customers in Bangladesh can pay their electricity bills in several ways, including online, through mobile banking, or at designated payment centers. Today we will broadly know about the electricity bill of Bangladesh and how much taka is paid per unit. So follow the article carefully till the last to get the information.

Electricity Bill New Price 2024

Bangladesh’s electricity bill has also increased along with the increase in the price of various goods. According to the new notification of the Bangladesh government, the price of electricity bills has been increased at the retail level of the consumers at different levels.

Electricity prices have been increased at the retail level and wholesale level in Bangladesh; accordingly, the new prices are effective from 1 February 2023.

There has been given the updated electricity bill, which is decided in the running year and is forced into rule on 1 February 2023. Now let’s learn about the Bangladesh Government’s decision regarding the electricity bill in Bangladesh.

Electricity Bill Per Unit Price 2024

Now come to know the main point. An average increase of 5% to TK 4.14 per unit (per kilowatt hour) for general-level customers from TK 3.94. At the wholesale level, per unit has been increased by 8.06% from Tk 6.20 to Tk 6.70.

The government had hiked retail electricity prices by 5% from January 13, 2023. At that time, the average electricity price in bangladesh for all customers increased from TK 7.13 to TK 7.49.

Apart from households, prices have also increased in agricultural irrigation, industrial, and commercial establishments. According to the new prices, agriculture has increased by 16 paise per unit. Earlier, the price of one unit of electricity for agricultural irrigation was 4TK.

Now it has become 4.19 TK. Although irrigation prices were not hiked earlier in 2017, electricity increased from 3.82 paise to 4 TK per unit during the last price hike in 2017.

On 12th January 2023, electricity prices increased. The new price for small-scale industries is TK 8.53; off-peak is TK 6.80 and peak hour is TK 10.24; the new price is TK 12 per unit, religious education and educational institutions are TK 6.2, street lights are TK 7.70, commercial establishments are Flat unit traded at TK 9.27 and PK at TK 12.34.

So it can be said that all types of electricity service units have been increased. We tried to collect the correct information from the electricity board and presented it here. If you have difficulty understanding, let us know through the comment box.

So this is the current electricity bill price reported by the Government Electricity Commission. According to the country’s state, the government can decide at any time. So stay tuned with us to get regular electricity bill updates. Thank you.