Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer 2024

Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer
Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer

Grameenphone offers a variety of exciting internet packages for its users. These packages include great deals such as 1GB of internet for only 17 Taka, 1GB for just 9 Taka, 1GB for 18 Taka, 1GB for 38 Taka, and even 2.5GB for only 57 Taka.

These are just a few examples of the many internet offers from Grameenphone.

Grameenphone Recharge Internet Offer 2024

Grameenphone consistently provides various internet Packs to their customers’ needs. We have compiled an up-to-date and comprehensive list of Grameenphone internet packages for you to select the perfect internet pack effortlessly.

In this post, you will find detailed information about GP recharge internet package, including the activation code, total volume of internet offers, validity period, and more.

Whether you’re searching for GP internet offer codes, GP 1GB offers, GP weekly internet packages, GP monthly internet packages, or any other GP internet offers.

GP Recharge Internet Offer List

We have created a table that shows the GP Internet Package 2023. This table includes all the necessary details, such as validity, activation code, and price, to help you select and activate the best GP internet offer of the year.

We understand the importance of providing clear information to our visitors, so let’s go into the details of the new GP internet package

Data Pack Recharge BDT Validity
200 GB (4G) 1999
30 Days
100 GB 1499 30 Days
80 GB 999 30 Days
40 GB 649 30 Days
50 GB 516 30 Days
25 GB 499 30 Days
15 GB 409 30 Days
12 GB 399 30 Days
30 GB 389 30 Days
10 GB 349 30 Days
6 GB 308 30 Days
5 GB 299 30 Days
3 GB 249 30 Days
13 GB 189 7 Days
2 GB 197 30 Days
10 GB 148 7 Days
8 GB 128 07 Days
5 GB 114 07 Days
2.5 GB 94 7 Days
1 GB 77 7 Days
5 GB 76 3 Days
3.5 GB 69 3 Days
3 GB 63 3 Days
1 GB 38 3 Days

GP 1GB Offer

Grameenphone now offers an amazing GP 1GB internet offer for only Taka 189. This fantastic GP internet offer for 2023 comes with a validity period of 30 days, making it perfect for monthly users who want a consistent and reliable internet connection throughout the month.

Dial the activation code *121*3390# or recharge 189 TK on your phone, and you can enjoy 1GB of high-speed internet.

GP 15 GB Internet Offer

Grameenphone presents an exceptional GP internet offer for 2023, featuring 15GB of data. This incredible offer is valid for a whole month, providing you with a reliable high-speed internet connection for all your business needs.

The price for this package is only 649 TK, making it one of the best and most intensive internet plans available.

To activate this exclusive internet package, dial the following code on your phone *121*3393# or recharge 649 TK on your phone.

GP 30GB Recharge Offer

Grameenphone also provides a 30GB Internet offer. This bundle is specifically designed for the needs of professionals who require heavy internet usage.

With an impressive 30GB of data, this bundle ensures you have enough data to stay connected and handle your work seamlessly. The price is only 998 TK; it offers incredible value for money.

To activate this heavy data pack and unlock the power of 30GB, recharge 998 TK or dial the following activation code on your phone *121*3394#.

GP 2.5GB 57Tk Offer

For just Tk 57, you can get a generous amount of data. To avail of this deal, ensure a minimum balance of Tk 57 on your phone. Dial *121*3242# or recharge 57 TK on your phone to activate the offer instantly. Enjoy the benefits of this incredible internet package for 3 days.

3 GB Offer 108 Tk Recharge

We are thrilled to introduce the GP 3GB Internet Offer. Enjoy the 3GB of internet data for only 108 Taka. This amazing offer is valid for 7 days. To activate this offer, recharge 108 TK or dial *121*3344#. To check your internet balance, dial *121*1*4#.

6 GB Offer 148 Tk Recharge

The GP 6GB 148 Tk Offer is a fantastic internet pack for 2023. Get a generous 6GB of data for only 148 Tk. To activate this incredible offer, dial *121*3262# or recharge the amount of TK 148.

You will enjoy a validity period of 7 days, giving you plenty of time to browse, stream, and stay connected. Activate the GP 6GB 148 Tk Offer today and maximize your online experience with Grameenphone.

10 GB Offer for 189 Taka

Now you can enjoy 10GB of internet data for an incredible price of just 198 Tk. This offer is available to all Grameenphone customers.

With the GP 10GB Internet Plan, you will receive 5GB of normal 3G data and an additional 5GB of high-speed 4G data, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. Please note that the validity of this offer is 7 days, giving you a week of uninterrupted internet access.

To avail yourself of this amazing offer, dial *121*3133# or recharge 198 TK on your phone and get ready to enjoy a data-packed experience with the GP 10GB 198Tk Internet Offer.

Last Words

Grameenphone brings fantastic deals and options for their valued customers. Whether you are a monthly user, a business professional, or someone looking for more data at an affordable price, Grameenphone has got you covered.

There is something for everyone, from the 1GB offers to the 30GB and 10GB data-intensive packs. The activation codes or recharge-specific amounts of money provided make it easy to activate the desired packages and start enjoying high-speed internet connectivity.

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