Online Land Registration In Bangladesh

Online Land Registration In Bangladesh
Online Land Registration In Bangladesh

Online land registration is a process of registering land ownership digitally in Bangladesh. The process aims to simplify traditional land registration, which is often time-consuming and involves various intermediaries.

The Ministry of Land oversees the online land registration process in Bangladesh. The land ministry has launched a digital stage called the National Land Information System( NLIS) to facilitate an online land registry.

The NLIS is an integrated land management system that allows landowners, buyers, and sellers to register their land ownership, search for land records, and verify property details.

Land Registration Process In Bangladesh

The registration law of 1908 conducts the land registration process in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh do not know much about land laws. As a result, they were subjected to various types of fraud and harassment regarding land.

Land registration is very important. As per The Registration (Amendment) Act, 2004, registration of almost all documents is mandatory.

Land Registration Process In Bangladesh
“Land Registration Process In Bangladesh”

Disputes over ownership can be avoided if deeds are registered according to law. Besides, if the land is registered, it becomes easier to sell, donate, or bequeath later. The sale deed of immovable property must be in writing. Here we will discuss land registration in detail today.

Online Land Registration Under e-Registration BD

To increase the efficiency and transparency of the registration process, the Government of Bangladesh has introduced an online system for land registration under the e-Registration BD platform. The process of online land registration through e-registration BD includes the following steps:

  • To register land online through e-Registration BD, visit the official website and sign up for e-Registration BD
  • After signing up for e-Registration BD will verify the user information and send an email with login details.
  • After successfully logging in, the user must upload the required documents, including the sale deed, power of attorney, and other relevant documents.
  • Users must pay the stamp duty and registration fee through the online payment system.
  • After paying the registration charge, the Land Registry Office will confirm all the documents you have submitted and search to ascertain any existing legal or financial claims on the property.
  • Finally, once the documents are verified, and the property is free of encumbrances, the Land Registration Office will issue a registration certificate, which can be downloaded from the e-Registration BD portal.
Online Land Registration Under e-Registration BD
“Online Land Registration Under e-Registration BD”

Required Documents for Land Registration in Bangladesh

Here are the documents you must need to register land in Bangladesh:

  1. Sale deed or deed of conveyance.
  2. Mutation or Khajna payment receipt.
  3. Up-to-date land tax receipt.
  4. Certified copy of the original deed.
  5. National ID card or passport of the parties involved.
  6. Land survey map or mutation map.
  7. Land surveyor’s report or clearance certificate.
  8. Liability certificate from the concerned land office.
  9. Power of attorney (if applicable).
  10. No-objection certificate (NOC) from the local municipality or authority (if applicable).

Note: The list provided above is a general guide, and the specific documents required for property registration may depend on the various conditions of each case. You have to consult a legal expert to ensure all required documents are properly collected and submitted.

Online Land Registration Fees in Bangladesh

Land registration fees in Bangladesh are determined based on the land type, location, and area. Nowadays, land registration charges are 1% of the full value of the land or apartment; recently, the registration cost has been reduced from 14% to 10%.

Buying a land or apartment worth BDT 1 crore now requires a registration fee of BDT. 10 lakh, which includes stamp duty, registration fee, VAT (value-added tax), and local government tax.

For land registration in Bangladesh, the buyer has to pay 1% of the purchase price as a registration fee, 1.5% stamp duty, 3% sales tax, and 2% local government tax.

We can calculate our land registration fee ourselves if we want. We can calculate our land registration fee through the registration fee calculator according to our land size, geographical location, and price.

For this, you have to visit this website ““; after entering the website, you can know the amount of the registration fee for your desired land by providing some information according to the next instructions.

Online Land Registration Fees in Bangladesh
“Online Land Registration Fees in Bangladesh”

Last Words

Finally, the online land registration system has made the property registration process more convenient and accessible in Bangladesh. With the introduction of the Digital Land Management and Services Project (DLMS), landowners can now submit their applications and get their land-related documents online.

It also eliminates the need to visit government offices physically. This digital system has reduced the time and labor required for property registration and made the process more transparent and efficient.

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