SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh (All SIM Update)

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh
SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh

If you want to know the details related to SIM registration and want to check the registration history of a SIM, then today’s discussion can help you in this regard. In today’s article, we have discussed SIM registration details.

Today’s discussion lets you know which identity card has been registered. So follow the below discussion carefully to know them.

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh

With the advancement of technology, we now see the touch of technology in every field. Some of these technologies have touched the SIM cards of our mobile phones. Now to buy SIM cards, we have to register them. After registration, we get permission to use them.

We often register our SIM with different identity cards. But later, we didn’t remember which sim we registered with which identity card. We forget the registration contact of the SIM we have registered. We want to check the registration history of any SIM again.

Today’s article is mainly about this. Those who want to check mobile SIM card registration can easily check the SIM registration details of any mobile operator from today’s discussion. Let’s start with them.

SIM Registration Checking Rules

In some cases, many say about the problem of SIM registration checks. Maybe he does not know how many SIMs are registered in his name and how many people are using SIMs in his name.

You can quickly check the SIM registration through today’s post by doing something simple. By checking the SIM registration, you will not face any problems later. So let’s know whether the SIM registration has been done.

  • First, you need to dial *16001# from your mobile. Then when you dial this number, you can see that the last four digits of the ID card are asked there. Now you have to enter the last four numbers of your ID card.
  • After the last four numbers are given, you must send the message.
  • Once the message is sent, a return message will inform you in whose name your SIM is registered.

GP SIM Registration Check

You can now go to the message option on your mobile and check the GP SIM registration. So now, let’s know how to check GP SIM registration.

  • First, you must go to the message option on your mobile and type the info there.
  • Then you have to send that message to the 4949 number.
  • After sending the message, a return message will appear on your phone shortly and inform you in whose name your GP SIM is registered.

Banglalink SIM Registration Check

If you want, you can now easily see in whose name your Banglalink SIM is registered. You can check the SIM registration by dialing the USD code below.

  • First, you need to go to the dial option of your mobile, and from there, dial *1600*2#.
  • After dialing the code, a message will appear on your phone within a few minutes and will tell you the date on which your SIM was registered and in whose name it was registered.

Airtel SIM Registration

You can quickly check Airtel SIM registration through your mobile phone. So let’s know how to check Airtel SIM registration.

  • First, go to your mobile’s dial option and dial this code *121*4444#.
  • Within a few moments of dialing this code, you will get a return message informing you about who your SIM is registered to or when it was registered.

Teletalk SIM Registration Check

The procedure for Teletalk SIM registration is straightforward. You can quickly check Teletalk SIM registration by following some tips. So follow the rules below.

  • From your mobile, first, go to the message option.
  • After going to the message option, you have to enter info in the message option.
  • Then you need to send a message to the 1600 number.
  • Within a few moments of sending the message, you will be informed in the return message about all the details of your SIM registration.

SIM registration Changing Rules

Suppose you check your SIM registration and later realize that this SIM is registered in someone else’s name. So your question may be, how can I change the SIM registration in my name?

If you want, you can easily change the SIM registration. If your SIM is registered in the name of someone, then you have to call him and go to the nearest customer care, and you can change the registration by showing your ID card. They will change your sim registration in a short time.

Rules for Cancellation of SIM Registration

When additional SIM registration is done in an individual’s name, SIM registration needs to be canceled. Moreover, if the SIM is registered in your name by someone else, then the SIM registration has to be balanced. You can cancel the SIM registration in two ways. For example:

  • By calling the help center.
  • Go directly to customer care.

Both of the rules are given below.

If you have an additional SIM registered in your name and someone has activated a SIM using your name, you can cancel it by calling the help center. But of course, you have to give them proper evidence in this case, and if they get everything right, they will cancel the SIM registration.

The other method is going to customer care. In this case, you can directly check the SIM registration through customer care with your ID card and cancel the additional SIM registration if it is in your name. You can cancel the SIM registration from here in a short time.

I hope you got to know the SIM registration checking and canceling process from today’s discussion. Please let us know through comments if you have anything else about the SIM registration process. Visit our website for various information regarding SIM registration. Thank you.