GP Call Forwarding On Off Code

GP Call Forwarding On/Off Code

GP Call Forwarding is a valuable system that allows GP users to redirect incoming calls to another number. This feature has gained popularity due to its convenience and practicality.

You’ve come to the right place to learn more about GP Call Forwarding, including activation codes and details.

GP Call Forwarding Service

GP Call Forwarding is a service available for GP SIM card holders. It allows users to forward incoming calls to a different number using specific codes.

This feature can be incredibly useful in various scenarios, ensuring you never miss an important call.

Activation Codes for GP Call Forwarding

You must enter specific codes on your mobile device to activate GP Call Forwarding. Here are the activation codes for different forwarding systems.

Forward TypeProcessExample
When Not Reachable**62*Mobile Number#**62*01711594594#
When the Phone is Busy**67*Mobile Number#**67*01711594594#
When There is No Reply**61*Mobile Number#**61*01711594594#
Forward All Calls**21*Mobile Number#**21*01711594594#

GP Call Forwarding Deactivation Codes

After using the call forwarding feature, many users need to deactivate it. You can use these deactivation codes if you also need to deactivate GP Call Forwarding.

Just dial the specific code and turn off the call forwarding system.

Forward TypeProcess
Cancel Call Forward##21#
Cancel Call Forward When Not Reachable##62#
Cancel Call Forward When the Phone is Busy##67#
Cancel Call Forward When There is No Reply##61#
Cancel Forward of All Services##002#

GP Call Forwarding Charges

One of the advantages of GP Call Forwarding is that it is generally available free of cost. You can activate this service on your phone without incurring additional charges. Deactivation is also free of charge.

Checking GP Call Forwarding Status

If you want to check the status of GP Call Forwarding on your phone, you can use the following codes:

  • To Check Forward Call When Not Reachable Status: *#62#
  • To Check Forward Call When the Phone is Busy Status: *#67#
  • To Check Forward Call When There is No Reply Status: *#61#
  • To Check Forward All Calls Status: *#21#
  • To Check Forward All Calls (Including Conditions) Status: *#002#
  • To Check Forward Calls that Match All 4 Conditions Status: *#004#

This information should help you manage your GP Call Forwarding settings efficiently.

Final Words

GP Call Forwarding is a valuable service offered by Grameenphone that enables users to redirect incoming calls as needed.

You can easily configure this feature on your mobile device with the provided activation and deactivation codes.


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