Currently, there is a labor shortage in various categories of jobs in Italy. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, Italy confirmed to the media that they would hire workers in Italy again; in this case, they will take about 30 thousand workers from the Asian continent.

Italy Work Permit Visa From Bangladesh In 2023

Let’s find out about the Italy work permit visa from here today. Those of you who want to collect various information about Italy visas can know various information about Italy work permit visas through our article.

Today’s article contains detailed information on how to apply for a visa to Italy, what procedure you need to apply for a visa, and how much money can be spent according to the visa type applied to Italy.

Those who don’t know anything about Italy visas can get a rough idea from our article. So without further delay, follow our article.

Italy Work Permit Visa Bangladesh

Currently, there is a labor shortage in various categories of jobs in Italy. Therefore, at the beginning of the new year, Italy confirmed to the media that they would hire workers in Italy again; in this case, they will take about 30 thousand workers from the Asian continent.

There are several visa processes to go to Italy, including an Italy Work Permit Visa, an Italy Student Visa, an Italy Tourist Visa, and many other types of visa services, including a Sponsor Visa through which there is an opportunity to enter Italy.

We are currently considered a labor market. As well as improving the quality of healthcare education, a well-known country is Italy. Every year, thousands of international student workers flock there. So today, we have given complete details about Italy’s Work Permit Visa through this discussion.

Italy Work Permit Visa BD 2023

Due to the labor shortage in Italy, about 30 thousand workers will be hired. The Italian media confirmed hiring about 15,000 workers from the Asian continent.

Italy is a country that values ​​skilled workers. Through the notice, if a person wants to apply for an Italy work permit visa, he must undergo training on specific work and apply for an Italy permit visa.

In this case, those currently working abroad and those with experience are more likely to get this opportunity. Those with prior experience and training can only take a work permit visa to Italy by notice.

No one can go through this notice through any broker or recruiting agency, but anyone can enter Italy for other work purposes or through agencies registered by the government. The process will be a bit more complex, and the cost will be a bit higher.

Italy Work Permit Visa Cost

A seasonal visa will cost 10 Lakh TK to get an Italy work permit. If you want an Italy non-seasonal visa, it will cost 4 lakh taka. But in this case, if the official work permit visa is taken in Italy, it will be done within two lakh taka.

You must have previous experience in going official and all the required reports, such as training proving your language skills and other skills, then you need to apply for an Italy work permit visa. All the requirements in the notification must be included in the worker’s requirements.

How to Get a Work Permit Visa in Italy

Suppose you want to go to Italy with a work permit visa directly from Bangladesh. In that case, you must follow some processes by which you can easily collect an Italy work permit visa and go to Italy.
If any person or relative works in Italy, you can quickly go to Italy from Bangladesh by arranging a visa through them.

But if you don’t have any people, you can easily apply for jobs in different companies by logging on to Italian job websites. In all these companies, people generally advertise their jobs online. From there, you can create a CV and apply for those jobs, in which case Viba will contact you via email or phone after applying.

Later if everything seems fine as per your requirement, then Italy will try to employ you through the embassy by making a visa for you. Later, after sending the invitation letter, you can show it and apply for an Italy work permit visa.

Italy Work Permit Visa Required Documents

There are some documents required to apply for an Italy work permit visa. These documents are usually submitted through an Italian agency. The documents needed to prove your experience and other related matters are below.

  • Required documents for application
  • 6 months valid passport
  • 4 copies of passport-size photograph
  • Photocopy of NID card
  • Evidence of his current employment
  • Certificate signed by Chairman
  • Medical Test Report

Collect these documents and then apply for an Italy work permit visa. But in this case, if there is any document mistake, it should be corrected beforehand. If not, the visa application will be more likely to be canceled.

Italy Work Permit Visa Application Rules

The notification should be appropriately followed to apply for an Italy work permit visa. After looking at how many years of experience, there will be, collect your necessary documents. Also, if any training is required, apply for a work permit visa only after training completion and medical test report preparation.

Currently, many people are immigrating to Italy using various illegal methods. However, in this case, most people crossing illegally face various problems, and many are going to the country of no return. Usually, most people who cross into Italy illegally fall into fraud.

Therefore, you should try not to cross into Italy illegally and go directly through the government or a government-registered agency without any broker; in this case, even if the cost is a little higher, there will be no risk to your life. In this case, you can earn money legitimately and create opportunities to work without any problem and through your security system.

So this is all about Italy’s work permit visa with updated information for 2023. To know more country’s work permit visa, please visit our website. Thank you for staying with us.

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