Robi Balance Check Code 2024

Robi Balance Check Code
Robi Balance Check Code

Robi Balance means Robi Prepaid Account Balance, Postpaid Account Balance, Robi Emergency Balance, Robi Internet Balance, and Robi SMS Balance.

To check all this balance, you have to dial a different USSD code of three digits. Any Robi balance can be known by dialing these codes. To check Robi’s balance, dial *222#.

Robi Balance Check Code

Robi has provided several easy-to-use methods for balance checking. Whether you are a prepaid or postpaid customer, checking your Robi account balance is quick and hassle-free.

This article will explore how to check your Robi account balance and stay on top of your usage.

How To Check Robi Balance?

Robi’s balance is known in various ways. It can be known by dialing the USSD code, using the My Robi app, or sending an SMS to know the various balances of Robi. All the ways to check Robi’s balance are presented separately below.

Robi Prepaid SIM Balance Check

First comes the Robi Prepaid SIM Balance Check. Robi Prepaid SIM Card Users Dial *222# to Check Robi Prepaid Account Balance. By dialing it, Robi will show the prepaid SIM balance.

Robi Postpaid SIM Balance Check

Apart from Robi’s prepaid SIM, postpaid SIM card users can also check their balance by using a three-digit USSD code. For this, dial *121#.

Some instructions will be given to check the postpaid balance by dialing it. By following these instructions, you can know about the balance of Robi’s postpaid SIM card.

Robi Emergency Balance Check

Emergency balance may sometimes be required when the main balance is exhausted. It may also be necessary to check the emergency balance after taking it.

After taking Robi’s emergency balance, dial *222# or *1# to check it. By dialing either of these two, the emergency balance of Robi is known.

Robi Internet Balance Check

Now, let’s know how to know Robi’s internet balance. Dial *3# to check the balance of any Robi internet pack after purchasing it. By dialing it, you will know about the balance of any internet pack of Robi.

Robi SMS Balance Check

Robi has various SMS packs. After receiving all these SMS packs, dial *222*12# to check them. By dialing, you will know how many SMS are left in your SMS pack.

Robi Balance Check By MyRobi App

If you want to check your Robi balance easily, install the My Robi app from the Play Store and use it. After installation, you can register it with your number and use it. Any Robi balance can be checked very easily from the app.

No USSD code is required from My Robi to check the balance. All these balances will show when you log in to the My Robi app.

Robi Balance Check by SMS

In addition to the above methods, it is possible to know about Robi’s balance by sending an SMS. If you want to know about Robi’s balance through SMS, first enter your SMS option and type BAL.

After typing this, send the SMS to 222. After a few moments, you will be informed about the balance through a return SMS.


Robi provides its customers with various easy and convenient options for checking their account balances, whether prepaid or postpaid. Customers can check their balances using USSD codes, the My Robi app, or SMS with just a few simple steps.


  • What should I do if I have trouble checking my Robi account balance?

Ans: If you have trouble checking your account balance, contact Robi customer service for assistance. You can call the customer service hotline at 123

  • Can I check my Robi account balance from abroad?

Ans: You can check your Robi account balance abroad by dialing *222# for prepaid or *121# for postpaid. However, international roaming charges may apply.

  • Can I check my Robi account balance on someone else’s phone?

Ans: You cannot check your Robi account balance on someone else’s phone. You can only check your own account balance from your own phone.

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