Bangladesh Death Certificate Application Process

Bangladesh Death Certificate Application

As it is important to register the birth of a bona fide citizen, it is also important to register the death after the death. Death registration is required for everything from money transactions to death settlements in various public and private sectors.

Death Certificate in Bangladesh

If any citizen of Union Parishad, Municipality, and City Corporation area of ​​Bangladesh dies, it is necessary to verify its authenticity by filling out the death registration form online.

Death certificates are very important for recovering inherited assets that are currently required.

If a deceased person has a bank account or is an employee of a government or private institution, his/her death certificate should be produced for the heirs to enjoy all the benefits.

Then it is mandatory to obtain a death certificate from the Bangladesh Civil Officer or the nearest Union Parishad or City Corporation.

Bangladesh Death Certificate Application Process

Let us know at this step how to register a death certificate. To register the death certificate, you must first collect the application form for the death certificate.

You will get this from the nearest Union Parishad or Municipal Council. But if you want, you can download it online. We have provided an online download link below.

You need to follow certain rules for a death certificate registration. These rules are beautifully presented below. So register your death certificate by following the rules below.

Death Certificate Registration Form PDF

To apply for a death certificate, you will first need a form. You can get the form from your nearest computer shop or Union Parishad.

But if you don’t want trouble, you can download the form according to the information in today’s article. We have given a PDF link below. By clicking on the PDF link, you can download the form and fill it out yourself. After filling it out, you have to complete all the registration tasks.

Many cannot fill out the death registration form. The death registration application form provided by the local government department should be downloaded and filled out.

So we have given below the death registration application form in PDF format. You can download the death registration application form if you want.

Death Certificate Registration Form PDF
Death Certificate Registration Form PDF

Note that if you have a PDF file of the death registration application form in your collection, you can photocopy it and fill out the new death registration form.

Death Certificate Application From

If you want to apply online or offline, you can do it online you have to take the online, and if you don’t do it online, then you have to fill out the form and submit it to the nearest Union Parishad.

Death Certificate Online Registration Process

Now let’s know how to register a death certificate online. To register online, you have to follow the following rules. Only then can you easily complete the death certificate’s online registration. So let’s find out the rules.

  • Applicant must first visit the official website of WB Health and click on Birth & Death Registration.
  • Then click on the menu bar and click on Citizen Service.
  • Then click on Death and click on Apply For New Application, then log in with a mobile number.
  • The applicant should then state the applicant’s relationship to the person for whom the death certificate is being applied.
  • Then upload the deceased’s name, age, death, time and date, and any documents here and place the deceased in the place where he died.
  • Then enter the name of the father and mother of the deceased and upload their documents.
  • If the person who died is married, then put the name of the husband or wife and upload any of their documents.
  • The deceased’s residence at the time of his death should be mentioned.
  • After that, upload the doctor’s death certificate and submit it to him.
  • After all the work is completed, if filled properly, note down the acknowledgment number, then click on the download option and download it. Download and submit it to the concerned Union Parishad or your nearest municipal area.

Note that for registration of the death, repeatedly check that the application form has been properly submitted and the registration form has been properly signed and sealed.

Because of the busyness, you can go to the shop to register as opposed to the new registration from the information and service center of the Union Parishad. Besides, if he faces any problem, he can go to the UP member, chairman, and Upazila Parishad and consult with the senior officer.