Japan Work Visa From Bangladesh In 2024

Japan Work Visa From Bangladesh
Japan Work Visa From Bangladesh

The standard Japan Work Visa, a range of vocations such as professors and artists. The Japan Highly Skilled Professional Visa with a standard salary. The Japan Working Visa is exclusively designated for citizens of countries fortunate enough to have a Working agreement in place with Japan.

Japan Work Visa From Bangladesh

In a promising development, Japan has opened its doors to educated and skilled Bangladeshi citizens through the Japan Work Visa program. With labor markets in the Middle East showing signs of contraction, Japan has emerged as a welcoming destination for Bangladeshi workers.

This positive shift in labor dynamics stems from the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between Bangladesh and Japan on August 27, 2023, focusing on the recruitment of specified skilled workers from Bangladesh.

Imran Ahmed, the Minister of Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment, has confirmed that Japan will actively welcome skilled Bangladeshi workers under this MoC, extending this opportunity until 2025.

Japan Work Visa Category

Japan has established many distinct categories for accepting specified skilled workers across 15 sectors. Let’s learn these categories in detail.

  • Care Worker
  • Electronics and Information
  • Construction
  • Ship Building and Ship Machinery
  • Automobile Maintenance
  • Aviation Industry
  • Building Cleaning Management
  • Industry Machinery
  • Accommodation Industry
  • Agriculture, Fishery, and Aquaculture
  • Manufacture of Food and Beverages
  • Food Services
  • Electrical Industries
  • Machine Parts and Tooling
  • Precast Manufacturing Works

What Professions are Eligible for a Japan Work Visa?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has outlined a comprehensive list of professions that are eligible for Japanese Work Visas:

  • Artists, including photographers, composers, songwriters, sculptors, and more.
  • Business managers, such as company presidents and directors.
  • Engineers or specialists in humanities and international services, such as scientific or IT engineers, interpreters, copywriters, foreign language teachers, designers, and more.
  • Entertainers include actors, musicians, singers, dancers, and sportspersons.
  • Instructors or teachers at elementary, intermediate schools, or high schools.
  • Intra-company transferees (individuals transferred to the Japanese branch of a company).
  • Journalists, including newspaper or magazine journalists, editors, news cameramen, and announcers.
  • Legal or accounting professionals include attorneys, judicial scriveners, public accountants, tax accountants, and more.
  • Medical practitioners include physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and more.
  • Nursing care professionals.
  • Professors, including university professors and assistant professors.
  • Individuals such as monks, bishops, and missionaries engaged in religious activities.
  • Researchers working at research institutes.
  • Skilled workers, encompassing foreign chefs, animal trainers, pilots, sports trainers, and individuals with expertise in specific industrial fields.
  • Technical interns.

Japan Work Visa Application Requirements

You must collect the following essential supporting documents when applying for a Japan Work Visa.

  • Certificate of Eligibility
  • Completed and signed the Japan Work Visa Application Form
  • Valid passport and photocopies of Passport-size photographs adhering to Japan’s specifications: Dimensions: 4cm x 3cm Taken within the last three months Plain white background, free from patterns and shadows, Forward-facing, with a neutral facial expression, Full visibility of your face High-quality, clear, and sharp image.
  • Documents outlining your position within the company/organization, your expected salary, and the duration of your employment.
  • Records substantiating your academic and professional background.
  • Documentation related to the host company, including company registration and profit and loss statements.

For artists

  • Any evidence showcasing your artistic achievements.

For religious workers

  • Documents detailing the sending religious organization’s information to Japan
  • Documents elucidating the receiving Japanese organization’s particulars
  • Records validate your religious position and career.

For Researchers

  • Documentation linked to the host organization
  • Academic and professional qualifications.

For instructors or teachers

  • Documentation related to the host organization
  • Academic qualifications or an educational license.

For intra-company transferees

  • Documentation affirming the relationship between the two offices/companies.

Any additional documents requested by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate depend on your profession.

How to Get a Japan Work Visa From Bangladesh?

The application process for obtaining a Work Visa for Japan comprises two key stages. You must follow all the stages carefully to get the visa without any hassle. So, follow the instructions below.

Obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility

  • To stay in Japan for the long term, securing a Certificate of Eligibility from Japan’s Immigration Services is imperative.
  • Your sponsor or employer, based in Japan, is responsible for initiating the COE application on your behalf. You’ll need to provide them with the necessary documents.
  • The Certificate of Eligibility does not replace the Work Visa but is a prerequisite. You must still apply for a Japan Work Visa from your home country.
  • The COE confirms your approval by the Japanese Immigration Services and your compliance with the government’s entry requirements for foreign workers. It simplifies the subsequent visa application process.

Applying for the Japan Work Visa

Once you receive the Certificate of Eligibility, your employer will send it to you so that you can apply for a Work Visa at a Japanese Diplomatic Representative Office, such as an Embassy or Consulate, in your home country.

  • Contact the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate.
  • Some Representative Offices may not accept direct visa applications, requiring you to apply through an accredited travel agency or visa application agency.
  • Assemble the necessary documents for your Japan Work Visa application.
  • Submit your Japan Work Visa application directly at the Embassy/Consulate or through the designated travel agency or visa application agency.
  • Once your Japan Work Visa application is processed and approved, you can enter Japan.

How Long Does it Take to Process a Japanese Work Visa Application?

The processing time for the Japan Work Visa ranges from 5 to 10 working days. It depends on the Embassy or Consulate where you apply.

Obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility as a prerequisite for the Work Visa can be a lengthier process, taking up to three months.

Japan Visa Application Center from Bangladesh

You can contact the following for inquiries and assistance with your Japan Visa application.

Japan Visa Processing Contact

  • Phone: 01713-289175
  • Office Address: 1/1, Shukrabad, Mirpur Road, Dhaka 1207
    (Next to New Model Degree College / Opposite Metro Shopping Mall)

Embassy of Japan Consular and Visa Section

  • Address: Plot No. 5 and 6, Dutabash Road, Post Office – 456, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Phone number: +88 0-2- 22 22- 600 10
  • Email: [email protected]; [email protected]
  • Fax: +88 0-2 -98 41 591; +88 0-2 -98 82 700
  • Website: https://www.bd.emb-japan.go.jp

Additional Contact Information

  • Address: Nur Jahan Tower, Dhaka-1000
  • Mobile number: +88 01 907- 074 753
  • Address: 15/5, Room-09, 3rd Floor, Akram Tower, Vijay Nagar, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
  • Location: Akram Tower
  • Mobile number: +8801711- 530718

Duration of a Japan Work Visa

The duration of a Japan Work Visa depends on factors such as your profession and the length of your employment contract. The common duration of a Japan work visa is provided here.

  • Three months
  • Four months
  • One year
  • Three years
  • Five years

Japan Work Visa Fee

The fees for Japan Work Visas depend on the profession. However, a common fee to enter Japan with a work visa, such as a single-entry visa, costs 3,000 Yen, while a double-entry or multiple-entry visa amounts to 6,000 Yen.

These fees are applicable only upon approval of your application, and if you apply through an agency, an additional service fee may be incurred.

Japan Work Visa Salary

The salary for Japan Work Visa holders is not fixed and varies depending on the employing companies. Those under this Category can renew for up to five years if they demonstrate proficiency in the Japanese language and excel in their respective fields.

Workers receive higher salaries, reflecting their elevated skill levels. They enjoy bringing their spouses and children, making this category more accommodating for families.


  • How do I apply for a Japan Work Visa from Bangladesh?

Ans: The application process involves obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) through your Japanese employer and then applying for the Work Visa at the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate in Bangladesh.

  • What documents do I need to submit for a Japan Work Visa application?

Ans: The required documents include the COE, a completed visa application form, a valid passport, passport-sized photos, documents related to your job and qualifications, and more, depending on your profession.

  • How long does it take to process a Japan Work Visa application?

Ans: The processing time for the visa itself typically ranges from 5 to 10 working days, but obtaining the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) can take up to three months.

  • Can I extend my Japan Work Visa?

Ans: If you meet the requirements, you can apply for an extension of your Japan Work Visa before it expires from the Japan consulate.

  • Are there specific sectors or professions eligible for a Japan Work Visa?

Ans: Yes, Japan has a list of eligible professions that includes artists, business managers, engineers, entertainers, teachers, medical professionals, researchers, and more.


Obtaining a Japan Work Visa from Bangladesh opens up exciting opportunities for skilled and qualified individuals to explore a dynamic and culturally rich country.

Following a Japan Work Visa from Bangladesh opens up exciting opportunities for skilled individuals seeking employment in Japan.

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