What To Do If You Lost Birth Certificate In Bangladesh

What To Do If You Lost Birth Certificate In Bangladesh
What To Do If You Lost Birth Certificate In Bangladesh

If you want to know the exact process of what to do in case of lost birth registration, today’s discussion will help you completely in this regard.

Today’s discussion will be perfect for you if you have surfed through many websites and still don’t know what to do if you lose your birth registration. In today’s discussion, you will find the right way of what to do if birth registration is lost.

What to Do If You Lost Birth Certificate in Bangladesh

Birth registration is an essential certificate. Birth registration is necessary for our daily official work. This certificate sometimes goes out of our hands, and we often forget where we have kept it or are in a situation where we take it somewhere, we lose it, or it may be lost somewhere else.

When we are subjected to such a situation, we get a lot of tension about birth registration and what we will do now, what we should do now if our birth registration is lost. You have no reason to panic in such a situation because there is no exact solution.

If you read today’s discussion from beginning to end, you will surely know what to do if you lose your birth registration and the correct process of how to retrieve it.

Without further ado, at this stage, we know the process by which we can recover the birth registration if it is lost.

Use of Birth Registration Number

If your birth registration certificate becomes essential after the birth registration is lost, you can proceed with the 17-digit birth registration number. But you must remember this number or keep a photocopy of your birth registration.

With this 17-digit number, you can do any job anywhere because all the birth certificate details are saved in the database. Enter the 17-digit number, and all your birth registration information will be displayed.

If you ever need it, you can work temporarily with the birth registration number. But to get the birth registration certificate, you have to follow another process which we have discussed in detail below.

Use the Print Copy

You can use a print copy if birth registration is lost. If you remember the birth registration number, you can enter the official page with this birth registration number and your date of birth, and from there, you can check your birth certificate.

You can print a copy of your birth certificate from here if you want. This copy looks very similar to the original copy. So you can do any job well with it.

To check birth registration, you can visit our website. By entering this link you will get the correct solution of how to check birth registration and how to download and print it.

How to Get the Original Birth Certificate

You can do everything with the 17-digit birth registration number or a print copy of the birth registration, but you will need the original copy. You will get the correct solution at this stage about getting back the original copy.

There are two ways to get back the original birth registration. From here, you have to follow either process. One is to apply online, and another is to go to your nearest Union Parishad and apply for the original copy. Below we have mentioned both methods.

Birth Certificate Apply online After Lost

There is nothing to fear if the birth registration certificate is lost. You can recover it very easily. You can quickly get your birth registration copy back by applying online. So follow the below steps.

Step 1

In case of a birth registration certificate loss, you can apply online to get it back. For this, you first need to enter this link https://bdris.gov.bd/br/application. You will be taken to the official website of Birth and Death Registration by entering this website.


After entering the website, you will see several options at the top of the website. These options cannot be seen directly from your mobile device.

For this, you have to select the birth registration option from the menu bar. After selecting this option, several options will show. From here, you have to click on the Reprint Birth Certificate option.


After clicking on that option, a new interface will appear in front of you. Here you must enter the 17-digit birth registration number and date of birth. After entering these details correctly, you have to click on the search button next to it.


After clicking on the above button, you will be taken to another page. On that page, you need to provide some information. Here you have to give the registered office address; the registration address from which you have registered this birth certificate has to be entered here.

Then you will see the option named Applicant Information. If any other person has applied for the applicant’s information for the person whose birth certificate has been lost, select here the relationship of the birth certificate holder to that person.

That is, it should be written if the father, brother, or any relative, uncle, or cousin of the person whose birth registration is lost. Then the person applying’s name, address, and phone number should be entered in the following options. Then click on the submit button, and your application will be completed.


After clicking the submit button, you will be given a date to collect an original copy. You have to get your birth registration certificate printed by that specified date. You can visit your birth registrar’s office on the specified date and get the certificate printed.

What to Do if the Birth Certificate Number is not Known

The procedure for how to recover a lost birth certificate is described above. But these processes will only be possible when you remember the 17-digit birth registration number. But it’s important to know what to do if you forget this 17-digit number or don’t have it in your collection.

You can do a straightforward thing if you don’t know the birth registration number. That is, you have to go to the office from where you registered your birth certificate. You have to go to that office and tell all the officials working in the registrar’s office about your problem, along with your date of birth, name, and address.

Then they will make you a new original birth registration certificate with your date and address.

So this is how to get back lost birth registration. Don’t panic if you ever lose your birth certificate. Because man is fallible, and in any case, he can lose it. But there are specific solutions to get it back, which are discussed in today’s discussion.

Apart from birth registration, if you face any other online-based problem, you can inform us or visit our website. On our website, you will get instant solutions to all online-based problems. Thank you very much for being with us.